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第四十六条 本法自1990年4月1日起施行。国务院发布的《城市规划条例》同时废止。Article 46. This Law shall enter into force as of April 1, 1990. The Regulations on City Planning promulgated by the State Council shall be abrogated therefrom.
省、自治区、直辖市人民代表大会常务委员会可以根据本法制定实施办法。Measures for the implementation of this Law may be formulated, pursuant to this Law, by the standing committees of the people's congresses of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.
第四十五条 国务院城市规划行政主管部门根据本法制定实施条例,报国务院批准后施行。Article 45. Rules for the implementation of this Law shall be formulated, pursuant to this Law, by the competent department of city planning administration under the State Council, and shall be implemented after they are submitted to and approved by the State Council.
第四十二条 本法自公布之日起施行。1950年6月29日中央人民政府颁布的《中华人民共和国工会法》同时废止。Article 42 This Law shall take effect from the date of promulgation. The Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China, issued 29 June 1950 by the People's Central Government, shall be annulled simultaneously
第四十一条 县级以上各级工会的离休、退休人员的待遇,与国家机关工作人员同等对待。Article 41 Persons retiring from positions with trade unions at county level or above shall receive the same benefits as persons working for State organs.
第二十四条(施行日期)本规定自1995年6月1日起施行。Article 24 Date of Implementation These Provisions shall take effect on June 1, 1995.
第二十三条(应用解释部门)本规定的具体应用问题,由市环保局负责解释。Article 23 Application and Interpretation Authorities The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau shall be responsible for the interpretation of the practical application of these Provisions.
第二十二条(对本规定施行前事项的处理)在本规定施行前安装的空调设备不符合本规定的,应当在本规定施行之日起规定的期限内自行整改或补办有关审批手续,具体期限由市环保局另行规定。Article 22 Handling of Matters Occurring Before the Implementation of These Provisions For air-conditioning equipment installed before the implementation of these Provisions that does not conform to these Provisions, self-rectification shall be made or make-up formalities for examination and approval be completed within the prescribed period of time upon the implementation of these Provisions. The specific time limit for such proceedings shall be set by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau separately.
第四十六条 本法自1992年1月1日起施行。1983年月23日国务院发布的《烟草专卖条例》同时废止。Article 46 This Law shall enter into force on January 1, 1992. The Regulations on Tobacco Monopoly promulgated by the State Council on September 23, 1983 shall be annulled simultaneously.
第四十五条 国务院根据本法制定实施条例。Article 45 The State Council shall formulate implementing regulations on the basis of this Law.
事人逾期不申请复议也不向人民法院起诉、又不履行处罚决定的,作出处罚决定的机关可以申请人民法院强制执行。If a party has not applied for reconsideration, nor brought a suit in a people's court within the time limit, nor complied with the decision on punishment, the department that has made the decision may apply to a people's court for compulsory execution.
第二十条 本法自1990年10月1日起施行。Article 20 This Law shall enter into force as of October 1, 1990.
情节较轻的,参照治安管理处罚条例的处罚规定,由公安机关处以十五日以下拘留。where the offence is relatively minor, he shall be detained for not more than 15 days by the public security organ in reference to the provisions of the Regulations on Administrative Penalties for Public Security.
第十九条 在公众场合故意以焚烧、毁损、涂划、玷污、践踏等方式侮辱中华人民共和国国旗的,依法追究刑事责任;Article 19 Whoever desecrates the National Flag of the People's Republic of China by publicly and wilfully burning, mutilating, scrawling on, defiling or trampling upon it shall be investigated for criminal responsibilities according to law;
第三十一条 本办法由海关总署发布施行。Article 31 These Measures shall be promulgated and put into effect by the General Customs Administration.
报海关总署批准后实行。The implementation rules shall be put into effect after its approval by the General Customs Administration.
上海海关可根据本办法制定实施细则,Rules for the implementation of these Measures may be formulated by the Shanghai Customs in accordance with these Measures
证券交易所、证券公司的从业人员,证券业协会或者证券管理部门的工作人员,故意提供虚假信息或者伪造、变造、销毁交易记录,诱骗投资者买卖证券,造成严重后果的,处五年以下有期徒刑或者拘役,并处或者单处一万元以上十万元以下罚金;情节特别恶劣的,处五年以上十年以下有期徒刑,并处二万元以上二十万元以下罚金。Any employee of a stock exchange or securities company or any member of a securities association or department for securities administration who deliberately provides false information or forges, alters or destroys transaction records in order to cajole investors into buying or selling securities and thus serious consequences have resulted, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also, or shall only, be fined not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan; if the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined not less than 20,000 yuan but not more than 200,000 yuan.
第一百八十一条 编造并且传播影响证券交易的虚假信息,扰乱证券交易市场,造成严重后果的,处五年以下有期徒刑或者拘役,并处或者单处一万元以上十万元以下罚金。Article 181 Whoever fabricates and spreads false information to adversely affect stock exchange and disrupt the stock exchange market shall, if the consequences are serious, be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention and shall also, or shall only, be fined not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan.
知情人员的范围,依照法律、行政法规的规定确定。The range of insiders shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of laws or administrative rules and regulations.
第五十七条 本实施细则自发布之日起施行。Article 57 The present Rules shall be implemented from the date of their promulgation.
第五十六条 本实施细则涉及的各种签证、证件和申请表的式祥,由公安部和外交部另行制定。Article 56 The format of the various visas, certificates and application forms referred to in the present Rules shall be decide upon by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
第五十五条 外国人所持中国的签证、证件如有遗失或者损坏,应当立即向当地公安局出入境管理部门报告,申请补领或者换发。遗失外国人居留证的,须在当地政府报纸上声明作废。Article 55 An alien whose Chinese visa or certificate is lost or damaged shall promptly report to the exit and entry department under the local public security bureau and apply for a new one or replacement. An alien who has lost his /her residence card shall declare the lost card invalid in an official local newspaper.
要教育他们遵守所在国的法律,努力学习,自尊自爱,与当地人民友好相处,热爱祖国,维护祖国的荣誉和利益,为国争光。"Education shall be given to students studying abroad for the purpose of urging them to observe the laws of the residing countries
九、我国驻外使领馆代表国家管理留学事务,应保护我留学人员的合法权益,对他们的学习研究工作和日常生活给予帮助,为他们排忧解难,并及时向他们介绍我国内情况。"9. Our country’s embassies and consulates abroad shall represent the State in handling matters relating to studying abroad. They shall protect the legitimate rights and interests of students studying abroad
八、在留学回国人员较集中的地方,可由当地政府、有关部门或社会团体根据需要建立留学服务机构,帮助留学人员办理有关事宜,为他们提供各种服务。"8. In places where returned students live concentratedly
要通过各种方式加强对现有文物行政管理人员的培训,促进管理工作的科学化、规范化。Training of active-duty administrators of cultural relics should be stepped up in various ways to promote scientific and standardized management.
同时,注重培养兼通行政管理、经营管理、现代科技等知识的复合型人才,逐步提高文物部门专业人员的比例。In the meantime, lay stress on the training of multi-talented personnel with concurrent mastery of knowledge of administration, operational management and modern science and technology, and increase step by step the percentage of specialized personnel in departments of cultural relics.
应有计划地增加对外技术交流,选派优秀中青年科技人员到国外学习先进的文物保护科学技术。Technical exchanges with foreign countries should be promoted in a planned way and best young and middle-aged scientific and technical personnel should be selected to study advanced science and technology for the protection of cultural relics abroad.
第五十四条 本法自1998年9月1日起施行。1984年5月11日第六届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第五次会议批准、1984年5月13日国务院公布的《中华人民共和国消防条例》同时作废。Article 54 This law shall come into force as of September 1, 1998. Meanwhile, the ""Regulations on Fire Control of the People's Republic of China"" approved by the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 6th National People's Congress on May 11, 1984 and promulgated by the State Council on May 13, 1984 shall be annulled simultaneously.
第五十三条 有违反本法行为,构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。Article 53 Those who violate this law and commit a criminal offence will be punished as a crime.
(五)其他滥用职权、玩忽职守、徇私舞弊的行为。(V) Other conducts involving abusing authority, dereliction of duty and playing favoritism and committing irregularities.
国务院?The State Council
各地区、各部门要充分认识节约集约用地的重要性和紧迫性,增强节约集约用地的责任感,切实转变用地观念,转变经济发展方式,调整优化经济结构,将节约集约用地的要求落实在政府决策中,落实到各项建设中,科学规划用地,着力内涵挖潜,以节约集约用地的实际行动全面落实科学发展观,实现经济社会的可持续发展。?All regions and all departments shall fully see the importance and urgency of economical and intensive land use and enhance the responsibility of economical and intensive land use. It is necessary to change the idea on land use assuredly, change the mode of economic growth, adjust and optimize the economic structure, realize economical and intensive land use in the process of government's decision-making and all kinds of construction. It is necessary to ensure scientific planning of land use and promote potentialities exploitation in order to fully implement the concept of scientific development and guarantee the sustainable development of economy and society by practical action of economical and intensive land use.
实行上一级人民政府对下一级人民政府分级考核,考核结果由国土资源部门定期公布,作为下达土地利用年度计划的依据。?The people's government shall be evaluated and examined by the people's government at the next higher level. The result of the evaluation and examination, as the basis of making annual plans for land use, shall be opened by the departments of land and resources regularly.
可可西里国家级自然保护区?Kokoxili National Nature Reserve
青海湖国家级自然保护区Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve
青海省Qinghai Province
第四十九条?本法自1995年2月1日起施行。本法施行前制定的其他有关广告的法律、法规的内容与本法不符的,以本法为准。Article 49 The law shall be in force starting from February 1, 1995. Should any laws and regulations concerning advertising promulgated before the enforcement of this law come into conflict with this law in contents, the provisions of this law previal.
当事人逾期不申请复议也不向人民法院起诉,又不履行处罚决定的,作出处罚决定的机关可以申请人民法院强制执行。?If a party concerned fails to apply for a review or bring the case before the people's court and yet refuses to implement the punishment decision, the organ which has taken the decision may apply with the people's court for compulsory enforcement.
第二十八条 本法自公布之日起施行。Article 28 This Law shall come into effect as of the date of its promulgation.
本法所称日内瓦公约""附加议定书"",是指中国加入的于1977年6月8日缔结的《1949年8月12日日内瓦四公约关于保护国际性武装冲突受难者的附加议定书》和《1949年8月12日日内瓦四公约关于保护非国际性武装冲突受难者的附加议定书》。""The Additional Protocols"" to the Geneva Conventions as mentioned in this Law refers to the Protocol Additional to the Four Geneva Conventions, concluded on 12 August 1949, Concerning the Protection of Victims in International Armed Conflicts and the Protocol Additional to the Four Geneva Conventions on 12 October 1949, Concerning the Protection of Victims in Non-international Armed Conflicts acceded to by the People's Republic of China on 8 June 1977.
本法所称""日内瓦公约"",是指中国加入的于1949年8月12日缔结的日内瓦四公约,即:《改善战地武装部队伤者病者境遇之日内瓦公约》、《改善海上武装部队伤者病者及遇船难者境遇之日内瓦公约》、《关于战浮待遇之日内瓦公约》和《关于战时保护平民之日内瓦公约》。""The Geneva Conventions"" as mentioned in this Law refers to the four conventions concluded in Geneva on 12 August 1949 and then acceded to by the People's Republic of China, namely, the Geneva Convention on Amelioration of the Conditions of the Wounded and the Sick in Armed Forces in the Field, the Geneva Convention on Amelioration of the Conditions of the Wounded, the Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces, the Geneva Convention on Treatment of Prisoners of War, and the Geneva Convention on Protection of Civilians in Time of War.
第三十条 本法自1985年5月1日起施行。Article 30. ? This Law shall come into effect on May 1, 1985. Amendments to this Law shall come into force on the date of promulgation [December 29, 1993].
第六章 附则Chapter VI ? Supplementary Provisions
第二十九条 单位领导人和其他人员对依照本法履行职责的会计人员进行打击报复的,给予行政处分;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。Article 29. ? If an administrative head in a unit or other persons dispute the decisions of accountants who have carried out their duties in accordance with this Law, they should be imposed upon with administrative sanctions or investigated with regard to criminal responsibility in accordance with the law, if the case is a serious one.
由发证系统自动生成。The date of release shall be generated by the release system automatically.
第二十一项:发证日期XXI. Date of Release
发证机构发放出口许可证前在此栏加盖《中华人民共和国出口许可证专用章》。A releasing authority shall affix a Special Seal for Export License of the People's Republic of China in this column before the release of an export license.
镶牙生管理规则Regulations Governing the Supervision of the Practitioners of Odontrypy
观护人室Probation Officer Office
观护人Probation Officer
严格责任赔偿strict liability
监护责任liability of guardian
道德责任moral obligation
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