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申请书应当载明申请设立海事赔偿责任限制基金的数额、理由,以及已知的利害关系人的名称、地址和通讯方法,并附有关证据。    The application shall specify the quantity of and the reasons for the limitation fund for maritime claims liability, as well as the names, addresses and corresponding methods of the known interested parties, and shall have relevant evidence attached.
申请书应当包括以下内容:计划开通的外国地点和中华人民共和国地点间的规定航线、开航日期、航班号和代码共享航班号、每周班次和班期、本企业所有或者以湿租方式租赁的飞机机型和航空器登记号。    The applications should include: scheduled route between []s in China and foreign countries, starting date, flight No. and flight No. with shared code, weekly flights and time, type and registration No. of aircraft, which is owned by the enterprise or acquired through wet lease.
仲裁委员会及其分会设秘书处,秘书处设秘书长,分别领导仲裁委员会秘书处和分会秘书处(除特别指明外,以下统称秘书处)处理日常事务。    The Arbitration Commission and the Sub-Commission shall have respective Secretariats, and the Secretariats shall have respective Secretary-Generals. The Secretariat of the Arbitration Commission and the Secretariat of the Sub-Commission (hereinafter generally referred to as the Secretariat, except referred otherwise) handle their day-to-day work under the leadership of the Secretary-Generals respectively.
根据仲裁业务发展的需要,仲裁委员会可以在中国境内其他地方设立仲裁委员会分会或办事处。    The Arbitration Commission may, according to the growing need for arbitration service, set up its Sub-Commissions or liaison offices in other places within China's territory.
仲裁委员会设有物流争议解决中心和渔业争议解决中心。    The Arbitration Commission shall have Logistics Disputes Resolution Center and Fishery Disputes Resolution Center.
仲裁委员会受理下列争议案件:    The Arbitration Commission shall take cognizance of cases relating to the following disputes:
仲裁庭有权确认合同的效力,仲裁庭有权决定仲裁程序未决事项。    The arbitration tribunal has the power to affirm the validity of a contract, as well as unsettled procedural issues in arbitration.
仲裁庭有权要求当事人,而且当事人也有义务向专家/鉴定人提供或出示任何有关资料、文件或实物,以供专家/鉴定人审阅、检验及/或鉴定。在复印或有效记载后,仲裁庭应及时退还当事人提交的原始证据。    The arbitration tribunal is entitled to request the parties who are also obliged to submit or produce to the expert or appraiser any relevant materials, documents, properties or goods related to the case for check-up, inspection and/or appraisal. The arbitration tribunal shall, after making duplicate copies or effective records of the evidence, return in time the original evidence submitted by the party.
对当事人提交的各种文书和证明材料,仲裁庭或秘书处认为必要时,可以要求当事人提供相应的中文译本或其他语文的译本。    The arbitration tribunal or the Secretariat may, if it considers it necessary, request the parties to furnish it with corresponding translation copies in Chinese language or other languages of the documents and evidential materials submitted by the parties.
仲裁庭均应当公平、公正地对待双方当事人,并给予双方当事人陈述和辩论的合理机会。    The arbitration tribunal shall treat the parties fairly and impartially, giving each party reasonable opportunity to present his case and make arguments.
裁决书应由仲裁员署名,并加盖仲裁委员会印章。作出裁决书的日期,即为裁决发生法律效力的日期。    The arbitrators shall sign the award. The official seal of the Arbitration Commission shall be affixed to the award. The date on which the award is made is the date on which the award comes into legal effect.
军队可以制定具体实施办法。    The armed forces may formulate specific rules for the implementation of these Provisions.
限量携带的物品及其数量,由国务院民用航空主管部门规定。    The articles to be carried in limited quantity and the quantity to be carried shall be specified by the competent civil aviation authorities of the State Council.
航空安全员在机长领导下,承担安全保卫的具体工作。    The aviation security officer shall undertake the concrete work of security under the leadership of the pilot-in-command.
行李票是行李托运和运输合同条件的初步证据。    The baggage check shall constitute prima facie evidence of the checking of the baggage and of the conditions of the contract of transport.
对已经办理登机手续而未登机的旅客的行李,不得装入或者留在航空器内。    The baggage of the passengers already checked in but failed to board the aircraft shall not be loaded or retained in the aircraft.
提单可以由承运人授权的人签发。提单由载货船舶的船长签发的,视为代表承运人签发。    The bill of lading may be signed by a person authorized by the carrier. A bill of lading signed by the Master of the ship carrying the goods is deemed to have been signed on behalf of the carrier.
海底电缆、管道的铺设或者拆除工程的遗留物,应当妥善处理,不得防害海上正常秩序。    The bits and pieces left over from the engineering project of laying submarine cables and pipelines and from the dismantling project shall be disposed of carefully and must not hamper the normal order of marine navigation and transportation.
保税货物必须复运出境或经加工后复运出境 。    The bonded goods must be re-transported out of the territory, or be re-transported after being processed out of the territory.
货物托运人不得伪报品名托运或者在货物中夹带危险物品。    The cargo consignor must not consign an article with a false name or secretly include dangerous articles among the goods.
被提起诉讼的承运人有权要求另一承运人参加应诉。    the carrier against whom an action has been brought shall have the right to require the other carrier to join in the proceedings.
除法律、行政法规另有规定外,承运人没有对前款规定的资料或者文件进行检查的义务。    The carrier is under no obligation to check such information or documents unless otherwise provided by laws and administrative rules and regulations.
承运人可以在任何时间、任何地点将旅客违反前款规定随身携带或者在行李中夹带的违禁品、危险品卸下、销毁或者使之不能为害,或者送交有关部门,而不负赔偿责任。    The carrier may have the contraband or dangerous goods brought on board by the passenger or packed in his luggage in breach of the provisions of the preceding paragraph discharged, destroyed or rendered innocuous at any time and at any place or sent over to the appropriate authorities, without being liable for compensation.
因发生在航空运输期间的事件,造成旅客的托运行李毁灭、遗失或者损坏的,承运人应当承担责任。    The carrier shall be liable for the destruction or loss of, or damage to any checked baggage of the passenger, if the occurrence took place during the transport by air.
因发生在航空运输期间的事件,造成货物毁灭、遗失或者损坏的,承运人应当承担责任;    The carrier shall be liable for the destruction or loss of, or damage to, any cargo if the occurrence took place during the transport by air;
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