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(一)转让申请书;    (1) a letter of application for transfer;
(一)探矿权人有权在划定的勘查作业区内进行规定的勘查作业,有权优先取得勘查作业区内矿产资源的采矿权。    (1) a person with mineral exploration right has the right to conduct specified exploration and survey operations within the delimited exploration and survey operations area(s) and has the right to obtain the mineral exploration right of mineral resources within the exploration and survey operations areas on a priority basis.
(一)非法向社会发布公众气象预报、灾害性天气警报的;    (1) a unit or individual that unlawfully issues to the community public meteorological forecast or severe weather warning;
  (一)在江河、湖泊、水库、渠道内弃置、堆放阻碍行洪、航运的物体的,种植阻碍行洪的林木和高杆作物的,在航道内弃置沉船,设置碍航渔具、种植水生植物的;    (1) abandoning or piling objects which obstruct navigation or the passage of flood, or planting trees and growing crops of a long-stalk variety which obstruct the passage of flood in any river, lake, reservoir or canal, or abandoning sunken vessels, laying fishing gear which obstructs navigation, or growing aquatic plants in any navigable river;
  (1)战争行为;    (1) acts of war;
(一)未对职工进行安全教育、培训,分配职工上岗作业的;    (1) assigning any worker or staff member to a post of duty without due education and training in safety;
(二)已经取得采矿权的矿山企业,因企业合并、分立,与他人合资、合作经营,或者因企业资产出售以及有其他变更企业资产产权的情形,需要变更采矿权主体的,经依法批准,可以将采矿权转让他人采矿。    (2) a mining enterprise having obtained the mining right may, subject to approval in accordance with law, transfer the mining right to another person for exploitation as a result of enterprise amalgamation, separation, engaging in a joint venture or cooperative venture with another person, or as a result of the sale of the enterprise assets as well as other circumstances that change the property rights of the enterprise assets necessitating a change in the main body of the mining right.
??? (二)已取得采矿权的矿山企业,因企业合并、分立,与他人合资、合作经营,或者因企业资产出售以及有其他变更企业资产产权的情形而需要变更采矿权主体的,经依法批准可以将采矿权转让他人采矿。?    (2) A mining enterprise that has obtained the mining right but needs to change the subject of the mining right, because of merger, division, forming of an equity joint venture or contractual joint venture, sale of its assets, or change of ownership of its assets in other manners, may transfer its mining right to another, subject to approval in accordance with law.
(二) 申报材料    (2) Application Materials
(三)“噪声敏感建筑物集中区域”是指医疗区、文教科研区和以机关或者居民住宅为主的区域。    (3) ""Areas where noise-sensitive structures are concentrated"" mean such areas as medical treatment areas, cultural, education and research districts and areas where government offices or residential buildings constitute the main buildings.
(四)“夜间”是指晚二十二点至晨六点之间的期间。    (4) ""At night"" means the period from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
(五)矿产资源勘查或者开采情况的报告;    (5) a report on mineral resources exploration and survey or exploitation; and
  (六)应急行动方案。    (6) a plan for emergency actions.
(1)至少有5年以上煤层气勘探开发的从业经验;    (a) At least five years' experience of coal-bed methane prospecting and exploitation;
1、 参与煤层气开采对外合作试点的理由;    (a) Reasons of participating in the pilot program of coal-bed methane exploitation in cooperation with foreign enterprises;
由中华人民共和国第九届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三次会议于1998年6月26日通过。    (Adopted at the 3rd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress on June 26, 1998)
(1991年5月8日国务院批准,1991年5月24日 国家环保局令第5号公布)    (Approved by the State Council on 8 May 1991, and issued in Decree No. 5 by the State Bureau of Environmental Protection on May 24, 1991)
  (二) 防护林和特种用途林中的国防林、母树林、环境保护林、风景林,只准进行抚育和更新性质的采伐;    2) Among the protection forests and forests with special uses, the national defense forest, the parent stand, the environmental protection forest and the scenic beauty forest can only permit cutting for cultivation and reforestation purposes;
  (三) 特种用途林中的名胜古迹和革命纪念地的林木、自然保护区的森林,严禁采伐。    3) Among the forests with special uses, the trees in sites of historical interests and revolutionary commemoration and the forest in the natural protection area shall forbid cutting.
九、 有关部门要加强对煤层气对外合作中勘查开采活动的监督管理,督促合作双方严格执行国家关于最低勘探投入量和施工期的基本要求。    9. Authoritative departments shall be responsible for administration and supervision work in the course of coal-bed methane prospecting and exploitation in cooperation with foreign collaborators and urge both parties to strictly carry out their work in accordance with the basic requirements concerning the minimum funding in prospecting and construction period regulated by the State.
  淘汰的耗能过高的用能产品、设备的名录由国务院管理节能工作的部门会同国务院有关部门确定并公布。    A catalogue of highly energy-consuming products and equipment to be eliminated shall be decided on by the administrative department for energy conservation under the State Council together with the relevant departments under the State Council and made known to the public.
商务部门审核会对环境保护带来重大影响行业的企业出口业务申请时,应主动征询环保部门的意见,环保部门要在两周内予以回复。    A commerce department shall voluntarily ask the opinions of the environmental protection department, and the environmental protection department shall give a reply within two weeks when a commerce department is checking the export business applications filed by the enterprises in an industry that will lead to significant influence on environmental protection.
  个人之间、个人与单位之间发生的林林所有权和林地使用权争议,由当地县级或者乡级人民政府依法处理。    A dispute between private individuals or between a private individual and an organization in connection with the ownership of trees and the use right of woodlands, it shall be up to the people's government at the county or township level to resolve it according to the law.
赔偿责任和赔偿金额的纠纷,可以根据当事人的请求,由环境保护部门或者交通部门的航政机关处理;    A dispute over liability to make compensation or the amount of compensation may, at the request of the parties, be settled by the environmental protection department or by the navigation administration office of the communications department.
  赔偿责任和赔偿金额的纠纷,可以根据当事人的请求,由环境保护行政主管部门或者其他固体废物污染环境防治工作的监督管理部门调解处理;    A dispute over the liability for damage or the amount of compensation may, at the request of the parties, be mediated and settled by the competent administrative department of environmental protection or other supervisory and administrative department of prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste;
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