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(一)外商投资建筑业企业资质申请表;    (1) Application forms for the foreign-invested construction enterprise qualifications;
(一)投资方法定代表人签署的外商投资建筑业企业设立申请书;    (1) Application forms to establish a foreign-invested construction enterprise signed by the investor’s legal representative;
  (二)领有国有土地使用证;    (2) A certificate for the use of state-owned land had been obtained;
  (四)依照本条例第二章的规定签订土地使用权出让合同,向当地市、县人民政府补交土地使用权出让金或者以转让、出租、抵押所获效益抵交土地使用权出让金。    (4) A contract for assigning the right to the use of land is signed in accordance with the provisions in Chapter II of these Regulations and the land user makes up for the payment of the assignment fee to the local municipal or county people's government or uses the proceeds resulting from the transfer, lease or mortgage to pay the assignment fee.
(五)取得企业法人营业执照后,申请建筑业企业资质的,按照建筑业企业资质管理规定办理。    (5) After obtaining the business license for the legal entity, the application by the foreign-invested construction enterprise for qualification approval shall be conducted in accordance with Regulations on Administration of Construction Enterprise Qualifications.
(五)投资方拟派出的董事长、董事会成员、企业财务负责人、经营负责人、工程技术负责人等任职文件及证明文件;    (5) Appointment letters and documentary evidence of the investor’s designated chairman and members of the board of directors, the enterprise’s financial manager, operations managers and technical managers etc.; and
(六)投资方拟派出的董事长、董事会成员、经理、工程技术负责人等任职文件及证明文件;    (6) Appointment letters and documentary evidence of the investor’s designated chairman and members of the board of directors, managers and technical managers etc.; and
(三)被拆迁房屋的地址、地段和建筑面积;    3. Address, grade of locality and architectural area of the house to be demolished;
(四)在四级地段安置应得的房屋建筑面积;    4. Architectural area of the house in Grade 4 locality to be given for resettlement;
(五)货币化安置款额;    5. Amount of monetized resettlement money;
(十三) 严格落实工业和经营性用地招标拍卖挂牌出让制度。    ?(13) Assignment System of industrial land and profit-oriented land shall be implemented strictly by means of public bidding, auction or hanging out a shingle.
一、 按照节约集约用地原则,审查调整各类相关规划和用地标准    ?1. All kinds of plans and land use standards shall be examined and adjusted in accordance with the principle of economical and intensive utilization of land.
没有国土资源部门的检查核验意见,或者检查核验不合格的,不得通过竣工验收。    ?A construction project, without inspection opinions issued by department of land and resources or being disqualified, shall not pass the acceptance check.
对闲置土地特别是闲置房地产用地要征缴增值地价,国土资源部要会同有关部门抓紧研究制订具体办法。    ?A duty shall be imposed on value increment of idle land plots especially idle real estate. Ministry of Land and Resources and concerned departments shall study and formulate concrete measures timely.
严格禁止擅自将农用地转为建设用地,严格禁止“以租代征”将农用地转为非农业用地。    ?A strict prohibition is to place on the turning of land for farm use to that for construction use without authorization. A strict prohibition is to place on the turning of land for farm use to that for non farm use by means of ""expropriation replaced by leasing"".
要按照统筹城乡发展、节约集约用地的原则,指导、督促编制好乡(镇)土地利用总体规划和镇规划、乡规划、村庄规划,划定村镇发展和撤并复垦范围。    ?According to the principle of well-coordinated development of the urban and rural and the principle of economical and intensive land use, plan shall be compiled under the guidance and supervision to determine the scope of the development and merging of towns and villages and the scope of land reclamation.
各类与土地利用相关的规划要与土地利用总体规划相衔接,所确定的建设用地规模必须符合土地利用总体规划的安排,年度用地安排也必须控制在土地利用年度计划之内。    ?All kinds of plans relevant to land use should be in line with the general plans for land use. The construction land used shall conform to general plans for land use. The total amount of land in the annual arrangement of land use shall not exceed the controlled targets set in the annual plans for land use.
各地区、各部门要充分认识节约集约用地的重要性和紧迫性,增强节约集约用地的责任感,切实转变用地观念,转变经济发展方式,调整优化经济结构,将节约集约用地的要求落实在政府决策中,落实到各项建设中,科学规划用地,着力内涵挖潜,以节约集约用地的实际行动全面落实科学发展观,实现经济社会的可持续发展。    ?All regions and all departments shall fully see the importance and urgency of economical and intensive land use and enhance the responsibility of economical and intensive land use. It is necessary to change the idea on land use assuredly, change the mode of economic growth, adjust and optimize the economic structure, realize economical and intensive land use in the process of government's decision-making and all kinds of construction. It is necessary to ensure scientific planning of land use and promote potentialities exploitation in order to fully implement the concept of scientific development and guarantee the sustainable development of economy and society by practical action of economical and intensive land use.
今后,各地区、各部门不得开展涉及用地标准并有悖于节约集约用地原则的达标评比活动,已经部署开展的相关活动要坚决停下来。    ?All regions and all departments shall not launch activities of reaching standard and appraising through comparison which go against the principle of economical and intensive utilization of land in future. Relevant activities which have been launched and developed shall be stopped resolutely.
各地要在第二次土地调查的基础上,认真组织开展建设用地普查评价,对现有建设用地的开发利用和投入产出情况做出评估,并按照法律法规和政策规定,处理好建设用地开发利用中存在的问题。    ?All regions shall organize and develop the general survey and evaluation of the construction land in earnest on the basis of the second national land survey to evaluate the situation of the development, utilization and input-output of the existing construction land. All regions shall deal with the problems emerging in the process of developing and using the construction land properly according to the laws and policies.
各地要结合本地实际完善人均住宅面积等相关标准,控制农民超用地标准建房,逐步清理历史遗留的一户多宅问题,坚决防止产生超面积占用宅基地和新的一户多宅现象。    ?All regions shall take the local situation into account and perfect the standard of living area per person and other relevant standards in order to prevent farmers from building houses in excess of standards, solve the problem, which is left over by history, that one household occupies several houses gradually. The phenomenon that one household occupies house sites of extra area and occupies several houses again shall be prevented resolutely.
运用遥感等现代技术手段,做好年度土地变更调查,建立土地利用现状数据库,全面掌握各类土地变化状况。    ?Annual land change survey shall be done well by means of remote sensing and other modem technology. Current land use database shall be established to completely master all kinds of land change.
  对在工程承包中行贿的承包单位,除依照前款规定处罚外,可以责令停业整顿,降低资质等级或者吊销资质证书。    A contractor who offers bribes in project contracting shall be ordered to stop business operations for rectification, have the level of qualification reduced or shall be revoked the certificate of qualification in addition to the punishment provided for in the previous clause.
  工程监理单位转让监理业务的,责令改正,没收违法所得,可以责令停业整顿,降低资质等级;情节严重的,吊销资质证书。    A project supervisory organization which transfers the business operation of project supervision shall be ordered to correct the situation, shall have all illegal incomes confiscated, and can be ordered to stop business operations for rectification and have its level of qualification reduced.??An organization found to have serious violations shall be revoked the certificate of qualification.
  依照本法规定被吊销资质证书的,由工商行政管理部门吊销其营业执照。    Administrative authorities of industry and commerce shall revoke business licenses of those enterprises whose certificates of qualification have been revoked in accordance with the stipulations of this Law.
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