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(四)作为一方当事人的法人或者其他组织终止,尚未确定权利义务承受人的;    "" (4) a legal person or any other organization as one of the parties dissolves, and the party succeeding to its rights and obligations has not been determined;""
执行完毕后,应当将执行情况制作笔录,由在场的有关人员签名或者盖章。    "" After the execution is completed, the execution officer shall make a record of the particulars of the execution, and have it signed or sealed by the persons concerned on the scene.""
有特殊情况需要延长的,由本院院长批准。但审理选民资格的案件除外。    "" Any extension of the time limit necessitated by special circumstances shall be subject to the approval of the president of the court, excepting, however, a case concerning the qualification of voters.""
选民资格案件或者重大、疑难的案件,由审判员组成合议庭审理;其他案件由审判员一人独任审理。    ""A collegial panel of judges shall be formed for the trial of any case in involving the qualification of voters or of any major, difficult or complicated case; other cases shall be tried by a single judge alone.""
对单位的罚款金额,为人民币一千元以上三万元以下。    ""A fine on a unit shall not be less than Renminbi 1,000 yuan and shall not exceed Renminbi 30,000 yuan.""
外国驻中华人民共和国的使领馆可以向该国公民送达文书和调查取证,但不得违反中华人民共和国的法律,并不得采取强制措施。    ""A foreign embassy or consulate accredited to the People's Republic of China may serve documents on its citizens and make investigations and collect evidence among them, provided that the laws of the People's Republic of China are not violated and no compulsory measures are taken.""
律师、当事人的近亲属、有关的社会团体或者所在单位推荐的人、经人民法院许可的其他公民,都可以被委托为诉讼代理人。    ""A lawyer, a near relative of the party, a person recommended by a relevant social organization or a unit to which the party belongs or any other citizen approved by the people's court may be appointed as the party's agent ad litem.""
人民法院对哄闹、冲击法庭,侮辱、诽谤、威胁、殴打审判人员,严重扰乱法庭秩序的人,依法追究刑事责任;情节较轻的,予以罚款、拘留。    ""A person who seriously disrupts court order by making an uproar in the court or rushing at it, or insulting, slandering, threatening, or assaulting the judicial officers, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by the people's court according to the law; if the offence is a minor one, the offender may be detained or a fine imposed on him.""
人民法院接受申请后,必须在四十八小时内作出裁定;裁定采取财产保全措施的,应当立即开始执行。    ""After receiving an application, the people's court must make an order within 48 hours; if the court orders the adoption of property preservation measures, the execution thereof shall begin immediately.""
人民法院接受申请后,对情况紧急的,必须在四十八小时内作出裁定;    ""After receiving an application, the people's court must, if the case is urgent, make an order within 48 hours; ""
原审人民法院收到上诉状、答辩状,应当在五日内连同全部案卷和证据,报送第二审人民法院。    ""After receiving the appeal petition and the defence, the people's court which originally tried the case shall, within five days, deliver them together with the entire case file and evidence to the people's court of second instance.""
人民法院收到利害关系人的申报后,应当裁定终结公示催告程序,并通知申请人和支付人。    ""After receiving the report on the claims by interested party or parties, the people's court shall make a written order to terminate the procedure for publicizing public notice for assertion of claims, and notify the applicant and the payor.""
调解书送达后,原审人民法院的判决即视为撤销。    ""After the conciliation statement has been served, the original judgment of the lower court shall be deemed as set aside.""
执行完毕后,应当将执行结果及时函复委托人民法院;    ""After the execution has been completed, the entrusted people's court shall promptly inform the entrusting people's court, by letter, of the result of the execution.""
人民法院冻结财产后,应当立即通知被冻结财产的人。    ""After the people's court has frozen the property, it shall promptly notify the person whose property has been frozen.""
由送达人、见证人签名或者盖章,把诉讼文书留在受送达人的住所,即视为送达。    ""After the person serving the documents and the witnesses have affixed their signatures or seals to the receipt, the documents shall be left at the place where the person on whom they are to be served lives and the service shall be deemed completed.""
经过阅卷和调查,询问当事人,在事实核对清楚后,合议庭认为不需要开庭审理的,也可以径行判决、裁定。    ""After verification of the facts of the case through consulting the files, making investigations and questioning the parties, if the collegial panel considers that it is not necessary to conduct a trial, it may make a judgment or a written order directly.""
诉讼代理人代为承认、放弃、变更诉讼请求,进行和解,提起反诉或者上诉,必须有委托人的特别授权。    ""An agent ad litem must obtain special powers from his principal to admit, waive or modify claims, or to compromise or to file a counterclaim or an appeal.""
对前款第(一)、(二)、(三)项裁定,可以上诉。    ""An appeal may be lodged against an order in writing in Items (1), (2) and (3) mentioned above.""
对被查封、扣押的财产,执行员必须造具清单,由在场人签名或者盖章后,交被执行人一份。    ""An inventory of the sealed-up or distrained property must be made by the execution officer and, after the inventory has been signed or sealed by the persons on the scene, a copy of it shall be given to the person subjected to execution. ""
裁定书由审判人员、书记员署名,加盖人民法院印章。口头裁定的,记入笔录。    ""An order in writing shall be signed by the judicial officers and the court clerk, with the seal of the people's court affixed to it. If it is issued orally, the order shall be entered in the record.""
(三)因继承遗产纠纷提起的诉讼,由被继承人死亡时住所地或者主要遗产所在地人民法院管辖。    ""and (3) a lawsuit brought on a dispute over succession shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's court of the place where the decedent had his domicile upon his death, or where the principal part of his estate is located.""
(三)证据和证据来源,证人姓名和住所。    ""and (3) the evidence and its source, as well as the names and home addresses of the witnesses.""
(七)不能用上述方式送达的,公告送达,自公告之日起满六个月,即视为送达。    ""and (7) by making service by public notice, if none of the above-mentioned methods can be employed. The service shall be deemed completed six months after the date on which the public notice was issued.""
审判人员有贪污受贿,徇私舞弊,枉法裁判行为的,应当追究法律责任;构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任。    ""Any judicial officer who commits embezzlement, accepts bribes, engages in malpractice for personal benefits or who perverts the law in passing judgment shall be investigated for legal responsibility; if the act constitutes a crime, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the law.""
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