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1.合营公司所有和现金收入、支出数量;    (1)all amount of income and payment and payment in cash of the joint venture company;
1.5 本《公司章程》中提到的股票投票权应解释为股票持有人的投票权, 但是投票权是指被分配到应该计算的股票上的投票权,而不是指实际参加投票的成员数。    1.5 A reference in these Articles to voting in relation to shares shall be construed as a reference to voting by members holding the shares except that it is the votes allocated to the shares that shall be counted and not the number of members who actually voted.
1.6 除非另外有相反规定,本《公司章程》中提到货币,指美国通用的货币。    1.6 A reference to money in these Articles is a reference to the currency of the United States of America, unless otherwise stated.
2.合营公司的劳动合同和重要的规章制度;    2)approving. the labor contracts and other important regulations of the joint venture company;
2.2 任何获得记名股票证书的成员,对因拥有该证书、任何人错误、欺诈使用或陈述造成的损失或负债,应向公司、公司董事和官员进行补偿,使其不受损害。如果记名股票证书磨损或丢失,在提交磨损的证书或以满意的方式证明其丢失后,经支付董事决议可能会要求的补偿后,可以重新更新该证书。    2.2 Any member receiving a share certificate for registered shares shall indemnify and hold the Company and its directors and officers harmless from any loss or liability which it or they may incur by reason of any wrongful or fraudulent use or representation made by any person by virtue of the possession thereof. If a share certificate for registered shares is worn out or lost it may be renewed on production of the worn out certificate or on satisfactory proof of its loss together with such indemnity as may be required by a resolution of directors.
如经双方同意,董事会会议一致通过,可以在合营公司期满前六个月,向原审批机构申请延长合营公司期限。    An application for the extension of the duration proposed by one party and unanimously approved by the board of directors, shall be submitted to the original examining and approving authority 6 months prior to the expiry date of the joint venture.
附件:    ANNEX
第十四条 合营期内,合营公司不得减少注册资本数额。    ArticIe14 Within the term of the joint venture, the joint venture company shall not reduce its registered capital.
第一条 根据《中华人民共和国中外合资企业法》,和中国×公司(以下简称甲方)与×国×××公司)合资经营合同,特制订本合营公司章和。    Article 1 In accordance with the ""Law of the People's Republic of China on joint Venture Using Chinese and Foreign Investment"" and the contract signed on in_________ ,china, by, ×Co. (hereinafter referred to as Party A). and ×××Co., Ltd. (hereinafar referred to as Party A), to set up a joint venture, ×× Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as joint venture company), the Articles of Association hereby is formulated.
第十条 合营公司的投资总额为____美元    Article 10 The total amount of investment of the joint venture company is V. S. Dollars.
第十二条 甲、乙方应按合同规定的期限缴清各自的出资额。    Article 12 The amount of the investment in Article 10 shall be paid by Party A and Party B according to the time limit stipulated in the contract.
第十三条 甲、乙方缴付出资额后,经合营公司聘请在中国注册的会计师验资,具验资报告后,由合营公司据此发给甲、乙各方出资证明书,确认种自的出资日期及金额。    Article 13 After the payment of investment by the parties to the joint venture, a Chinese registered accountant invited by the joint venture company shall verify it and provide a certificate for contributed investment. Thereafter the joint venture company shall issue an investment certificate to confirm the date and amount of the contribution.
第十五条 合营公司注册资本的增加、转让,应由董事会一致通过后,并报原审批机权批准,向原登记机构办理变更登记手续。    Article 15 Any increase, assignment of the registered capital of the joint venture company shall be approved by the board of directors and submitted to the original examining and approving authority for approval. The registration procedures for changes shall be dealt with at the original registration and administration office.
第十六条 合营公司设董事会。董事会是合营公司的最高权力机构。    Article 16 The joint venture company shall establish the board of directors which is the highest authority of the joint venture company.
第十七条 董事会决定合营公司的一切重大事宜,下列事宜,董事会应一致通过方可作出决定:    Article 17 The board of directors shall decide all major issues concerning the joint venture company for the following issues, unanimous approval shall be required:
第十八条 董事会由×名董事组成,其中甲方委派×名,乙方委派×名。董事任期×年,可以连任。    Article 18 The board of directors shall consist of directors. of which directors shall be appointed by Party A, by Party B. The term of office for the directors is four years and may be renewed.
第十九条 董事会会议每年至少召开一次。经×名以上(含×名)董事提议,董事长可以召开董事会临时会议。董事会会议原则上在_____举行。    Article 19 The board of directors shall convene at least one meeting every year. The chairman may convene an interim meeting based on a proposal made by more than _______ (including) directors. The board meeting will be held in principle in ________.
第二条 合营公司中文名称为:××有限公司    Article 2 The names of the joint venture company shall be ××Limited Liability Company.
第二十条 董事长应在董事会开会前三十天书面通知各董事,写明会议、时间和地点。    Article 20 The chairman shall give each director a written notice thirty (30) days before the date of the board meeting. The notice shall cover the agenda, time and place of the.
第二十一条 出席董事会会议的法定人数为全体董事的四分之三。不够四分之三人数时,其通过的决议无效。会议决录应归档保存,会议记录用中、英文文字书写,并且每个出席会议的董事均应在会议记录上签字。    Article 22 The board meeting requires a quorum of over three quarter of the total number of directors. When the quorum is less than three quarter, the decisions adopted by the board meeting are invalid. Detailed written records shall be made for each board meeting and signed by all the attended directors or by the attended proxy. The record shall be made in Chinese and in English, and shall be filed with the company.
第二十二条 合营公司设经营管理机构,负责合营公司的日常管理工作。    Article 22 The joint venture company shall establish a management office which shall be responsible for its daily management.
第二十三条 合营公司实行董事会领导下的总经理负责制。    Article 23 The system of job responsibility of the general manager under the board of directors is adopted by the joint venture company.
第二十四条 副董事长、董事经董事会委派可兼任总经理、副总经理或经理助理。    Article 24 At the invitation of the board of directors, the chairman, vice chairman of directors of the board may concurrently be the general manager, deputy general manager and general manager assistant of the joint venture company.
第二十五条 总经理、副总经理除非得到董事会的批准不得参与和本合营公司有商业竟争的其他经济组织。    Article 25 The general manager or deputy general managers shall not hold positions concurrently as general manager or deputy general manager of other economic organizations on commercial competition with their own joint venture company without the approval of the board of directors.
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