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各省、自治区、直辖市文物行政管理部门要尽快编制所辖地区国有馆藏文物目录。    The departments of administration of cultural relics of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government should compile catalogs of state-owned collections of regions under their respective jurisdictions as quickly as possible.
国家和各省、自治区、直辖市文物行政管理部门应分别确定并建设好一批重点博物馆。    The departments of administration of cultural relics of the State and all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government should respectively determine and build a number of major museums.
国家和省、自治区、直辖市文物行政管理部门及其文物鉴定机构,要加强对文物拍卖标的的鉴定和许可审批工作。    The departments of administration of cultural relics of the State, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and the cultural relics appraisal organs under them should strengthen the work of examination and approval of appraisals and permits for cultural relics auction subject matters.
对经批准的旧货市场,工商、文物和内贸行政管理部门要联合实行监管;    The departments of administration of industry and commerce, cultural relics and domestic trade should exercise joint supervision and control over the approved second-hand goods markets.
文物部门要建立健全文物保护责任制,配合公安机关打击文物犯罪活动,支持和鼓励文物管理人员与违法犯罪行为进行斗争。    The departments of cultural relics should establish sound responsibility system for the protection of cultural relics, cooperate with public security organs in crackdown on cultural relics-related criminal activities, and support and encourage caretakers of cultural relics in the fight against illegal criminal acts.
工商行政管理部门要会同文物、公安部门坚决取缔非法经营文物的活动。    The departments of industry and commerce administration should, in conjunction with the departments of administration of cultural relics and public security, firmly ban illegal operational activities in cultural relics.
公安、内贸、工商、海关、文物等有关部门要加强协作,形成合力,严厉打击盗掘、盗窃和走私文物等犯罪活动。    The departments of public security, domestic trade, industry and commerce, customs and cultural relics should step up coordination to form a cohesive force and launch a stern crackdown on criminal activities involving pirate excavations, robberies, pilferage and smuggling of cultural relics.
在历史文化名城城市建设中,特别是在城市的更新改造和房地产开发中,城建规划部门要充分发挥作用,加强城市规划管理,抢救和保护一批具有传统风貌的历史街区,同时加强对文物古迹特别是名城标志性建筑及周围环境的保护。    The departments of urban construction planning should fully play their part, strengthen urban planning management, rescue and protect a number of historical neighborhoods with traditional styles and step up the protection of ancient sites of cultural relics especially the landmark constructions and their surrounding areas in well-known cities in the urban construction of noted historical and cultural cities especially in the renewal and transformation and real estate development of the cities.
缴纳保证金可以用现金支付,也可以采用签发汇票或者本票的方式支付。    The deposit is payable in cash or by a draft or a cashier''s check.
说明书及附图可以用于解释权利要求。    The description and the appended drawings may be used to interpret the claims.
说明书应当对发明或者实用新型作出清楚、完整的说明,以所属技术领域的技术人员能够实现为准;必要的时候,应当有附图。    The description shall set forth the invention or utility model in a manner sufficiently clear and complete so as to enable a person skilled in the re1evant field of techno1ogy to carry it out; where necessary, drawings are required.
区、县体育行政部门负责辖区内体育竞赛的管理。    The district and county physical cultural administrative departments take charge of the management of sports contests within their respective jurisdictions.
合作书刊的编辑方针、书稿内容以及最后定稿,均须经我方同意。    The editing principle, the contents of the manuscript and the finalized version thereof with respect to a book or journal to be jointly published shall all be subject to the consent of the Chinese party.
??? 本条例中的保险事故,是指发生保险合同责任范围内的事故。    The event mentioned in the present Regulations refers to and event coming within the scope of cover under the contract of insurance.
发掘出土的文物,除少量经国家或省、自治区、直辖市文物行政管理部门批准可作为标本留存外,要及时移交指定的博物馆。    The excavated cultural relics, with the exception of a few items which can be kept as specimens with the approval of the departments of administration of cultural relics of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, must be handed over to designated museums on time.
图书出版者在合同约定期间享有的专有出版权受法律保护,他人不得出版该作品。    The exclusive right to publish a work enjoyed by the book publisher shall, during the term specified in the contract, be protected by law, and the work may not be published by others.
由实施单位按照国家规定向专利权人支付使用费。    The exploiting entity shall, according to the regulations of the State, pay a fee for exploitation to the patentee .
革命文物或反革命罪证,不限年代,一律不准出口。    The export of revolutionary cultural relics or objects that are evidence of counter-revolutionary crimes shall, without exception, be prohibited, irrespective of their times.
其中可以出口的由文物部门提供外贸部门出口。    The exportable objects among them shall be handed over to the cultural relics department, which shall then provide them to foreign trade departments for export.
成套出售或者使用,是指各产品的设计构思相同,并且习惯上是同时出售、同时使用。    The expression ""be sold or used in sets"" means that the products incorporating the designs have the same designing concept and are customarily sold or used at the same time.
其中特定技术特征是指每一项发明或者实用新型作为整体,对现有技术作出贡献的技术特征。    The expression ""special technical features"" means those technical features that define a contribution which each of those inventions, considered as a whole, makes over the technology currently available.
外观设计专利权的保护范围以表示在图片或者照片中的该外观设计专利产品为准。    The extent of protection of the patent right for design shall be determined by the product incorporating the patented design as shown in the drawings or photographs.
已视为撤回、驳回和主动撤回的专利申请的案卷,自该专利申请失效之日起满2年后不予保存。    The files of patent applications which are deemed to have been withdrawn or which have been rejected or actively withdrawn, shall not be preserved after the expiry of 2 years as of the date on which such applications cease to be valid.
已放弃、宣告全部无效和终止的专利权的案卷,自该专利权失效之日起满3年后不予保存。    The files of patent rights which have been abandoned or invalidated or terminated shall not be preserved after expiry of 3 years as of the date on which such patent rights cease to be valid.
著作权法第二条第二款所称外国人的作品首先在中国境内发表,指外国人未发表的作品通过合法方式首先在中国境内出版。    The first publication in China mentioned in the paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the Law in relation to works of foreigners refer to the situation where unpublished works of foreigners have been published for the first time in China by lawful means.
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