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当攻占特洛伊城墙时,阿基里斯看到了皮安姆之女波利希娜的美貌。他深为公主的魅力所吸引,因而请求皮安姆将波利希娜许配给他。他致力于双方的和解。当他的努力被证明为毫无用处时,他得到皮安姆在战后举行婚礼的许诺。阿基里斯刚转身要走,不守信用的帕利斯拿出毒箭从后面射中了他的脚后跟。阿基里斯咽气之前,留下遗嘱:将他的铠甲留给希腊最勇敢的英雄,这在埃杰克斯和奥德修斯之间引发了一场激烈的争斗。最终铠甲被判给奥德修斯。波利希娜为阿基里斯之死而悲伤绝望。她自尽于他壮丽的墓碑前。    When fighters all over Greece flew to arms against Troy, aprophet foretold that Achilles was sure not to return from thewar. Determined to keep her son from the disaster, Thet is sent young Achilles to the court of the king of Scyros, where he worked in disguise as one of the handmaids waiting on the princess of Scyros . For a time trick worked. Messenger after messenger came,but all left without him. One day,a peddlar appeared in the palace,bringing with him a wide variety of womanish small things. There was,however,also a sword amongsuch goods. Whereas most of the ladies stared at the silks and veils,one of them eagerly grabbed the sword and joyfully played with it. At this the peddlar threw off his disguise and came out with his true identity. The artful Odysseus had come to fetch the hero to Aulis,where Greek ships had been waiting for both a fair wind and Achilles. Odysseus had not laboured in vain . Duringan attack on the walls of Troy, Achilles caught the sight of the beauty of Polyxena,daughter of Priam. He was so attracted bythe grace of the princess that he asked Priam to give him the hand of Polyxena in marriage . He worked hard for the peacebet ween the two sides. When his efforts proved useless, he obtained a promise from Priam that the marriage would be held after the war. Just as Achilles turned to leave,the faithless Paris took out a poisoned arrow and shot at his heel from behind. Before Achilles breathed his last, he left his armour in his will? to the bravest of the Greek heroes. This gave rise to such a fiercecon test between Ajax and Odysseus. As a result the armour was adjudged to Odysseus . So sad and desperate was Polyxena at Achilles'? death she committed suicide? in front of his magnificent tomb.
当特修斯回到雅典时,他老态龙钟,生活也不如意。作为一个国王他独断专横,结果被人民赶下了台。他被流放到塞库鲁斯岛。在那儿,他失足从悬崖上栽到了海里。从那以后,他杳无音信。几百年后特洛伊战争爆发。雅典人看到一个身材高大的士兵带领他们勇敢无情地攻击着入侵的波斯人,他们认出他就是特修斯。战争结束后,雅典人为纪念他建造了一座大寺庙,并给他的祭坛贡奉祭品。    When he returned to Athens he was quite old and unhappy with life.As king he acted like a tyrant? and went successfully away from his people. He was sent away to the island of Scyros,where he fell into sea from a cliff. Nothing more was heard ofhim until the battle of Marathon centuries later.When the Athenians saw a mighty soldier leading them in their ruthless attackagainst the invading Persians,they recognized him as The seus and after the war they devoted a grand temple to his memory and offered sacrifice at his altar.
当普罗米修斯忙于教授人们生存之道的时候,他把一个桶托付给厄庇墨透斯。他警告过他的弟弟不要打开桶盖。潘多拉好奇心强。她的丈夫不允许她看桶中之物,这使她感到十分懊恼。一天乘厄庇墨透斯出门在外,她打开桶盖,从桶里跑出的是不和与战争,瘟疫与疾病,偷窃与暴力,悲哀与忧虑,以及其他一些人类从此要遭受的不幸。只有希望被关在桶口,永远飞不出来,因此人们常常把希望藏于心中。    When he was busy with teaching men the art of living,Prometheus had left a bigcask in the care of Epimetheus.He had warned his brother not to open the lid.Pandora was a curious woman.She had been feeling very disappointed that her husband did not allow her to take a look at the contents of the cask.One day,when Epimetheus was out,she lifted the lid and out itcame unrest and war,Plague and sickness,theft and violence,? grief sorrow,and all the other evils.The human world was hence to experience these evils.Only hope stayed within the mouth of the jar and never flew out.So men always have hope within their hearts.
一天,那西塞斯在树林中愉快地游荡。一位名叫回声的仙女一看见他就兴奋起来;她伸出爱的双臂,高兴地走向那西塞斯。然而,令她惊愕的是,这位青年粗暴地将她推开,连看都不看她一眼就走开了。这位可怜的仙女羞红了脸,迅速退到遮阴处,含情脉脉地凝望着心上人。    When he was delightfully wandering through the woods oneday,a wood fairy maiden,Echo by name,caught sight of him.She was excited at once.Joyfully coming down towards Narcissus,she stretched out her loving arms.To her dismay,however,the young man roughly brushed her aside and went by without so much as a glance at her.The poor fairy maiden's face turned red and quickly withdrew to a shady spot ,following the object of her love with her longing eyes.
当伊拉斯最初建造特洛伊城时,他祈求宙斯赐福于这座城市。宙斯听到祈求后,一尊木制的智慧雅典娜像从天堂落到了城墙里。人们将它称作雅典娜神像。这尊木像担任着保卫和看守城市的任务。在祭神的宗教仪式中,它在欢快的气氛和赞美的歌声中被抬着走过城市的所有街道。    When Ilus had first built his new seat,the city of Troy, he prayed Zeus to show some sign of blessing for it. His prayer was heard,and a wooden image of Pallas- A-thena fell from heaven to within the walls of the city. Known as the Palladium, the statue afforded the city safety and protection. At religious meetings of the goddess it was carried through the city streets amid joys and songs of praise.
那西塞斯看到出来的并不是他期待的朋友而是一个陌生人,他很惊讶,就很快地走了。    When Narcissus saw a stranger, instead of one of his friendsas he had expected,he looked surprised and walked quickly away.
当厌倦狩猎时,阿尔特弥斯常常在小山泉中淋浴。一个盛夏的下午,她和仙女们正在凉爽平静的山泉中戏水时,突然听到灌木丛中沙沙作响。她非常恼怒地发现一个青年猎人用爱慕的眼光偷看自己的裸体。仙女们发出刺耳的尖叫,簇拥在她身旁。但猎手阿卡同还是看见了女猎手阿尔特弥斯。    When she was tired with hunting Artemis used to take abath in a little mountain spring.One hot summer afternoon she was playing in the cool,quiet water with hermaidens when she heard a rustle behind the? bushes .She feltquite angry to find that a young hunter was peeping admiringlyat her naked? body .Her maidens gave a sharp cry and crowded around the goddess.But young Actaeon had seen the huntress.
在帕利斯来访斯巴达之前,海伦的婚姻生活比较平静。海伦被帕利斯可爱的面容迷住。当墨涅劳斯国王不在时,他们就相互偷情,之后一起乘船私奔到了特洛伊城。海伦将幼小的女儿留在了斯巴达。为了夺回海伦,希腊军队越过海峡,将特洛伊城紧紧包围。    When still small she was carried off by Theseus,who wished to have a divine wife .But she was rescued later by her brother Castor,and brought back to her native land.Her stepfather married her to Menelaus,king of Sparta.
当战争爆发时,段腊般抵达特洛伊地区。一位预言家宣称,第一个踏上敌人土地的段腊人注定会死。一位名叫普洛忒西拉斯的希腊酋长看着同伴踌躇不前,就从船上跳入水中,一瞬时他就倒下了,被海克特的长矛穿透了胸膛。他的妻子拉俄达弥亚听到这个消息,悲痛之心无法得以慰藉。她献给众神丰厚的祭品,哀求宙斯把被杀的丈夫还给她。她的忠贞感动了宙斯。宙斯派海默斯护送普洛忒西拉斯的幽魂回到阳间与他的妻子共度三个小时。她再次拥抱被杀的丈夫。她的喜悦无边无际。普洛忒西拉斯给她讲述了他自我献身的故事。拉俄达弥亚很高兴再做一次新娘。然而,当海默斯预定的时间到来时,普洛忒西拉斯将被带回阴间,她痛苦地叫了一声。对于第二次分别她如此悲痛不堪,以致于不久之后就在痛苦之中死去。他们在冥府之中再次团圆。    When the Greek ships reached the Trojan land at the outbreak of the war,a prophet declared that the first Greek setting foot on the enemy soil was doomed to die .Protesilaus,a Greek chief,seeing that there was a gooddeal of hesitation among his comrades,leapt overboard? and fellinstantly,pierced through by Hector's spear .When his wife Laodamia heard of this she was simply inconsolable .She offered rich sacrifice to the gods and begged Zeus to restore herslaughtered lord to her.Moved by her fidelity ,Zeus sent Hermes to escort the shade of Protesilaus back to the upper air tostay with his wife for three hours.Laodamia's joy knew nobounds when she held her slain lord once more in her arms.Protesilaus told her the story of his selfsacrifice,and Laodamiawas happy to become a bride for a second time.However,shegave a sharp cry when she saw Hermes coming at the fixed hourto take Protesilaus back to the lower world.So sad was she at the second parting that she died of grief not long after.The pairwere reunited in Hades.
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