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?23 那西塞斯    23? Narcissus
50 尼俄伯    50? Niobe
5 纳鲁斯和普鲁吐斯    5? Nereus and Proteus
那西塞斯有个他至爱的孪生妹妹。这个非常美丽的妹妹死去的时候年纪还很小。那西塞斯非常思念她,甚至想跟她一起死去。    Narcissus had a twin sister whom he loved better than anyone else in the world.This sister died when she was young and very beautiful.Narcissus missed her so very much that he wished he might die too.
那西塞斯是一位英俊的青年,面容可爱,体形优美。他深信,他的容貌会使每个见到他的人羡慕不已。他很骄傲,认为除了自己之外,别人都不配欣赏他那充满青春气息的面庞。因而,他沉溺于甜美的自我欣赏之中,远离所有的人,在苍翠蓊郁的小山谷中终日闲逛,他成了一位自恋狂。    Narcissus was a handsome youth.His lovely face and graceful form were the admiration of all who looked upon him.And he knew it.He was proud that he thought no one buthimself was worthy to see his youthful beauty.Thus given up tosweet thoughts of self,Narcissus avoided all company.Heroamed the wooded little valleys every day,madly in love withhimself.
那西塞斯是个头发像黄金一般黄,眼睛像天空一般蓝的少年——在希腊这是件奇事,因为大部分希腊人皮肤都很黑,——他时常在薏姑躲的林中打猎。当薏姑从洞里或树后胆怯地窥视外面时,她时常看见那西塞斯,很爱慕他。一天,那西塞斯在林里跟他的朋友分手了,突然他听到树叶里有沙沙的声音,他就叫“谁在这里?”    Narcissus,a young man who had hair as yellow as gold an deyes as blue as the sky,——a very rare thing in Greece,where most people were very dark,——used to hunt in the forest where Echo was hiding.As she was looking out shyly from somecave or from behind a great tree,Echo often saw Narcissus,andshe admired him very much.One say Narcissus became separated from his friends,andhearing something rustle among the leaves,he called out,“Who's here?”
尼俄伯变了许多。她万分的悲哀和伤心,但是她粗鲁的本性并没有消失。她带着七位公主来到王子们的尸体旁,滔滔不绝地痛骂着雷托和她的孩子。这次轮到了阿耳特弥斯特抽出了弓箭,一眨眼工夫,七个活泼可爱的公主都倒下了,在血泊中挣扎,很快就停止了呼吸。尼俄伯呆了。她一动不动地坐在14具尸体中间,目光漠然,泪水顺着她冰凉的脸庞往下流。她那悲痛欲绝的愤怒竟将她化作一块石头!后来,一阵风将她送回到她的家乡亚洲。至今人们仍能见到她坐在山顶上,凄凉的眼中流淌出痛苦的泪水。    Niobe was greatly changed.She was all sorrow and grief,but her rude spirit was not put down.She came to the dead bodies of her sons with her daughters and let out a torrent of impolite words at Leto and her children.This time it was Artemls' turn to draw her bowstring .Almost in a twinkling of an eye all the seven lively daughters fell,turning in their blood,and soon stopped to breathe.Nio be became numb of feeling .She sat among the fourteen dead bodies,motionless,her eyes blank,her tears rolling down her cold face.Her bitter anger had turned her into a stone!Later,a gust of wind swept her to her homeland in Asia,where she could still be seen sitting on top of ahill,tears of bitterness streaming out of her strong eyes.
底比斯王后尼俄伯的确该为自己感到骄傲。她的双亲都是神,她的丈夫是位无所不能出类拨萃的音乐家。她自己也是既有钱又有势。但真正使她成为世界上最幸福的女人的却是她那14个孩子,七位是拥有男子汉气概的小王子,七位是俏丽貌美的小公主。他们都是既强壮又俊俏,全世界都对他们赞不绝口。    Niobe,the queen of Thebes,had indeed good reason to beproud of her herself .Both her father and mother were gods.Her husband was a capable and outstanding musician.And she was both wealthy and powerful.But what madeher the happiest lady in the world was her fourteen children,seven manly sons and seven beautiful daughters.They were allso strong and fair that the whole world looked upon them with admiration.
一天正当海伦静静地将自己的经历编织成一块金色的 毯时,有人叫她在特洛伊城上观看墨涅劳斯和帕利斯的决斗。墨涅劳斯决心杀死帕利斯。坐在皮安姆国王旁边,她将希腊一方的首领告诉了国王。当她看到城墙下前夫的身影时,爱的热泪流满了眼帘。帕利斯战败逃离战场后,她的感觉是既爱又卑视。她鼓励海格特和帕利斯再次走上战场,并真诚地为真正的英雄海格特的死而哀痛。但当奥德修斯和狄俄墨德斯化装后来偷窃雅典娜神像时,她竭尽全力帮助了她们。帕利斯战死后,她成了皮安姆国王另一个儿子的妻子。    Nothing of importance had happened to her married life until Paris came to visit Sparta.Helen was attracted by Paris' lovelyface.They stole one another's love in the absence of Menelausand then eloped on board a ship to Troy.Helen left her young daughter behind.To get Helen back,the Greek army sailedacross and laid a long siege to the city of Troy .
事情的发生是宙斯的妻子赫拉非常嫉妒一位漂亮、名叫伊娥的女河神。宙斯为了要救伊娥免遭赫拉的陷害,就把她变为一只白母牛。赫拉怀疑这只白母牛就是伊娥,就命令长着一百只眼睛的阿刚斯看守她。    Now it happened that Hera,the wife of Zeus,was very jealous of a beautiful rivernymph,called Io.Zeus,in order to saveIo from the jealous anger of Hera,changed her into a whiteheifer .Hera,suspecting that the white heifer was really Io,setArgus with his hundred eyes to watch her.
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