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对仲裁员的回避请求应以书面形式在第一次开庭之前提出,但所主张之回避事由的发生或得知是在第一次开庭审理之后的,不在此限。    A challenge against an arbitrator must be put forward in writing no later than the first oral hearing. If the grounds for the challenge comes out or are made known after the first oral hearing, the time of raising challenge is not subject to such restriction.
民用航空器在海上遇到紧急情况时,还应当向船舶和国家海上搜寻援救组织发送信号。    A civil aircraft in emergency on the sea shall also flash signals to vessels and national maritime search and rescue service.
民用航空器优先权不因民用航空器所有权的转让而消灭;但是,民用航空器经依法强制拍卖的除外。    A civil aircraft lien shall not be extinguished because of the transference of the ownership of the civil aircraft; except that the civil aircraft was the subject of a forced auction sale in accordance with law.
进行仪表飞行的民用航空器,应当遵守仪表飞行规则。    A civil aircraft performing instrument flight shall observe instrument flight rules.
进行目视飞行的民用航空器,应当遵守目视飞行规则,并与其他航空器、地面障碍物体保持安全距离。    A civil aircraft performing visual flight shall observe visual flight rules and keep a safe separation from other aircraft and ground obstacles.
民用机场具备下列条件,并按照国家规定经验收合格后,方可申请机场使用许可证:    A civil airport may apply for an airport operating licence if it meets the following conditions and has been checked and accepted as qualified according to State regulations:
将货物的保险利益转让给承运人的条款或者类似条款,无效。    A clause assigning the benefit of insurance of the goods in favour of the carrier or any similar clause shall be null and void.
对垫付的共同海损特殊费用,除船员工资、给养和船舶消耗的燃料、物外,应当计算手续费。    A commission shall be allowed for the general average expenses paid on account, except those for the wages and maintenance of the crew and fuel and store consumed.
不符合依法制定的民用机场布局和建设规划的民用机场建设项目,不得批准。    A construction project of civil airport not conforming to the plan of civil airport distribution and construction formulated according to law shall not be approved.
对单位的罚款金额,为三万元以上十万元以下。    A fine on a unit shall not be less than 30,000 yuan and not more than 100,000 yuan.
对个人的罚款金额,为一千元以上三万元以下。    A fine on an individual shall not be less than 1,000 yuan and not more than 30,000 yuan .
租用的外国民用航空器,应当经国务院民用航空主管部门对其原国籍登记国发给的适航证书审查认可或者另发适航证书,方可飞行。    A foreign civil aircraft on lease may fly only after the competent civil aviation authority under the State Council has examined and rendered valid its airworthiness certificate issued by the State in which the nationality of such aircraft was originally registered, or has issued a new airworthiness certificate therefor.
与中华人民共和国通航的外国民用航空企业,应当向国务院民用航空主管部门报送民用航空安全保卫方案。    A foreign civil aviation enterprise operating air services to the People's Republic of China shall submit its civil aviation security programme to the competent civil aviation authorities under the State Council.
承运人和旅客可以书面约定高于本条第一款规定的赔偿责任限额。    A higher limitation of liability than that set out in sub-paragraph (1) above may be agreed upon between the carrier and the passenger in writing.
有关扣押船舶的法律文书也可以向当事船舶的船长送达。    A legal paper relating to the arrest of a ship may also be served on the captain of the ship involved.
危险品的品名由国务院铁路主管部门规定并公布。    A list of the descriptions of dangerous articles shall be specified and promulgated by the competent department in charge of railways under the State Council.
海事法院可以扣押对海事请求负有责任的船舶所有人、光船承租人、定期租船人或者航次租船人在实施扣押时所有的其他船舶,但与船舶所有权或者占有有关的请求除外。    A maritime court may arrest other ships owned by the shipowner, bareboat charterer, time charterer or voyage charterer who is held responsible for a maritime claim, when the arrest is executed, with the exception of the claims related to ownership or possession of the ship.
海事法院认为必要,可以直接派员登轮监护。    A maritime may directly dispatch personnel to board the ship for supervision if it deems necessary.
旅客车票、行李票、包裹票和货物运单是合同或者合同的组成部分。    A passenger ticket, a luggage, parcel or goods consignment note shall represent a contract or a constituent part of a contract.
隐匿携带枪支子弹、管制刀具乘坐民用航空器的,比照刑法第一百六十三条的规定追究刑事责任。    A person who conceals and brings firearms, ammunition and controlled knives while flying in a civil aircraft shall be investigated for his criminal responsibility by applying mutatis mutandis the provisions of Article 163 of the Criminal Law.
拒绝接受安全检查的,不准登机,损失自行承担。    A person who refuses to go through security inspection shall be denied boarding and bear the losses himself.
提单中载明的向记名人交货物,或者按照指示人的指示交付货物,或者向提单持有人交付货物的条款,构成承运人据以交付货物的保证。    A provision in the document stating that the goods are to be delivered to the order of a named person, or to order, or to bearer, constitutes such an undertaking.
公共航空运输企业必须按照国务院民用航空主管部门的规定,对承运的货物进行安全检查或者采取其他保证安全的措施。    A public air transport enterprise must carry out security inspection or take other measures to ensure the security of the cargo it undertakes to transport in accordance with the provisions stipulated by the competent civil aviation authority under the State Council.
公共航空运输企业经营航班运输,应当公布班期时刻。    A public air transport enterprise operating scheduled air services shall have its timetable published.
公共航空运输企业应当教育和要求本企业职工严格履行职责,以文明礼貌、热情周到的服务态度,认真做好旅客和货物运输的各项服务工作。    A public air transport enterprise shall educate and require its staff and workers to strictly perform their duties, and conscientiously accomplish the services of transporting passengers and cargo with refined manners and thoughtfulness.
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