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公告包括以下内容:    A public notice shall contain the following particulars:
铁路运输企业应当采取措施,防止对铁路沿线环境的污染。    A railway transport enterprise shall take measures to protect the environment along railway lines from pollution.
铁路运输企业对承运的容易腐烂变质的货物和活动物,应当按照国务院铁路主管部门的规定和合同的约定,采取有效的保护措施。    A railway transport enterprise shall, with regard to the perishable goods and living animals the shipment of which it has undertaken, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the competent department in charge of railways under the State Council and the contracted agreement.
国家铁路运输企业行使法律、行政法规授予的行政管理职能。    A State railway transport enterprise shall perform the administrative functions as authorized by relevant laws and administrative rules and regulations.
1.总吨位300吨至500吨的船舶,赔偿限额为167000计算单位;    a) 167,000 Units of Account for a ship with a gross tonnage ranging from 300 to 500 tons;
1.总吨位300吨至500吨的船舶,赔偿限额为333000计算单位;    a) 333,000 Units of Account for a ship with a gross tonnage ranging from 300 to 500 tons;
1.本人或者委托他人以本人名义或者委托他人为本人与承运人订立海上货物运输合同的人;    a) The person by whom or in whose name or on whose behalf a contract of carriage of goods by sea has been concluded with a carrier;
(一)由该企业的董事长或总经理签署的申请书,内容包括常驻代表机构的名称、负责人员、业务范围、驻在期限、驻在地点等;    a. An application signed by the enterprise's chairman of board of directors or general manager, covering the name of the permanent representative office to be set up, its responsible members, line of business, period for resident operation and location;
(一)是本案当事人或者当事人、代理人的近亲属;    a. The arbitrator is one of the parties or relative or attorney of the party;
专用公路由专用单位负责修建、养护和管理。    Accommodation highway shall be built, maintained and managed by the organisations using the highways.
依照仲裁法第六十一条的规定,仲裁庭同意重新仲裁的,仲裁委员会不再收取仲裁费。    According to Article 61 of Arbitration Law, the Arbitration Commission shall not charge fees any longer if the arbitration tribunal agrees to re-arbitrate the case.
仲裁庭依照第六十八条与第六十九条对裁决书作出补正或者补充裁决的,仲裁委员会不再收费。    According to Article 68 and Article 69, the Arbitration Commission shall not charge fees any longer if the arbitration tribunal makes a correction to the award or an additional award.
邮政企业按照国务院邮政主管部门的规定设立经营邮政业务的分支机构。    According to stipulations of the competent department of postal services under the State Council, postal enterprises shall establish branch offices that operate postal businesses.
本节所称实际承运人,是指根据缔约承运人的授权,履行前款全部或者部分运输的人,不是指本章规定的连续承运人;    Actual carrier referred to in this Section means any person to whom the performance of the whole or part of the transport referred to in the preceding paragraph has been authorized by the contracting carrier, and who is not the successive carrier as provided in this Chapter;
外国水路公路运输企业在中国设立常驻代表机构管理办法    Administrative Rules on Establishment of Permanent Representative Offices of Foreign Waterway and Highway Transport Enterprises
1992年11月7日第七届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十八次会议通过。    Adopted at the 28th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National People's Congress on November 7, 1992
有偿转让公路收费权的公路,收费权转让后,由受让方收费经营。收费权的转让期限由出让、受让双方约定并报转让收费权的审批机关审查批准,但最长不得超过国务院规定的年限。    After a transfer of the right of toll collection, the toll road concerned should be operated by the side to which the toll collection right is transferred. Terms transfer of collection right should be agreed upon by the transferor and the transferee and submitted to organ which approves the transfer for approval, but the term shall not exceed the time limit set by the State Council.
当事人完成举证并向海事法院出具完成举证说明书后,可以申请查阅有关船舶碰撞的事实证据材料。    After having finished the provision of evidence and issued a note stating the provision of evidence to the maritime court, the parties may apply to consult evidential materials relating to the collision of ships.
占用、挖掘公路或者使公路改线的,建设单位应当按照不低于该段公路原有的技术标准予以修复、改建或者给予相应的经济补偿。    After occupying, digging or changing the routes of roads, construction units concerned should repair or rebuild them at least up to their original technical standards or give corresponding economic compensations.
海事法院收到利害关系人提出的书面异议后,应当进行审查,在十五日内作出裁定。    After receiving a written objection submitted by the interested party, the maritime court shall examine it and make an order within fifteen days.
船舶所有权让后,原租船合同由受让人和承租人继续履行。    After such transfer, the transferee and the charterer shall continue to perform the original charter.
替代的仲裁员选定或者指定后,由仲裁庭决定以前进行过的全部或部分审理是否需要重新进行。    After the appointment of the substitute arbitrator, the arbitration tribunal has discretion to decide whether the whole or part of the previous hearings shall be repeated.
建筑控制区范围经县级以上地方人民政府依照前款规定划定后,由县级以上地方人民政府交通主管部门设置标桩、界桩。任何单位和个人不得损坏、擅自挪动该标桩、界桩。    After the control area for construction has been demarcated by the local people's governments above the county level, the transportation departments of local people's governments above the county level should put up signs and boundary markers. No unit or individual is allowed to damage or move such signs or boundary markers without authorization.
移交船舶完毕,海事法院发布解除扣押船舶命令。    After the delivery of the ship is finished, the maritime court shall issue an order releasing the arrest of the ship.
经送达人、见证人签名或者盖章,将法律文书留在其住所或者办公处所的,视为送达。    After the person serving the paper and the witness have affixed their signatures or seals to the receipt, the legal paper shall be left at his domicile and the service shall be deemed completed.
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