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以上所提到的主要天神们都假装成凡人的样子,他们的美丽与魅力无可匹敌。因常受到凡人情感与愿望的感染,他们不时地勃然大怒,妒嫉别人。他们卷入与人类世界无休止的争斗中。在奥林波斯,他们之间也充满了阴谋与权力之争。在凡人的世界里,他们经历了敌对与挫折。他们珍惜人间的爱与友善。这群长生不老的天神们的外表与行为完全符合人间的方式。这就是奥林波斯山神们的本来面目。    All the chief gods mentioned above took human forms of incomparable beauty and grace. Often moved by human feelings and desires,they frequently gave way to anger and jealousy.They became involved in ceaseless battles with the world of man. Among themselves at Olympus they plotted and struggled for power.In the human world they experienced competitions and difficulties.They enjoyed earthly friendships and loves.Acrowd of everlasting gods looked and acted in a perfectly human fashion that is what all gods at Olympus actually were.
在众多的奥林波斯山神中,主神宙斯和雷托之子阿波罗最受推崇。据希腊神话记载,雷托被天后赫拉驱赶得四处流浪。最终是海神波塞冬怜悯她并从海中捞起提落岛让她居住。在岛上,她生了孪生儿子阿波罗和阿尔特弥斯。    Among the crowd of Olympian gods the one most widely admired was Apollo.He was the son of Zeus and Let to.According to Greek mythology,Leto was driven by Hera from land to land at last Poseidon took Pity on her and brought the island of Delos out of water for her to live on.There she gave birth to the twins ,Apollo and Artemis.
半人半马的怪物(Centaur)既英明又公正。他的学生中有个名叫杰森的男孩。杰森是位王子,他的父亲埃宋曾是伊俄卡斯的国王,但后来王位却被他同父异母兄弟珀利阿斯夺去了。因此他把还在襁褓中的儿子送给Centaur照料。还是个孩子时,杰森就参加过捕猎野猪。当他长成一位强壮的小伙,知道自己身世的秘密后,他决定要为父亲所受的不公报仇雪恨。    Among the pupils of the wise and just Centaur,there wasa boy named Jason.He was by birth a prince.His father Aeson was once king of Iolcus,but was overthrown by his own half brother Pelias.So he sent his baby son Jason to the Centaur for safekeeping.As a boy Jason took part in the boarhunt.When he grew up into a strong youth he was told of the secret of his birth.So he went to avenge his father's? wrongs .
阿芙罗狄蒂爱阿多尼斯胜过爱别的任何人,因为他是一个精神抖擞、生气勃勃的少年猎手。她离开了奥林波斯山的住所来到林中。她装扮成一个女猎手,让这个年轻人整日陪伴左右,并与他一起游遍了山林、河谷。她跟着猎狗,欢呼雀跃,追赶着无害的动物。他们一起渡过了一段美好时光。虽然她奉劝了他许多次不要捕杀像狮子和狼这样的野兽,但年轻人只是嘲笑她的想法。    Aphrodite loved Adonis more than she did anybody else,for he was a brisk,lovely young hunter.She gave up herhome at Olympus and took to the woods.In the woods she dressed herself up like a huntress and kept the youth company all day long.With him she wandered through grounds andgroves and over hills and valleys.She cheered hunting dogs andpursued animals of a harmless sort.They had a great time together.However,she warned him many times not to chase wild beasts like lions and wolves,but the young man just laughed at the idea.
阿芙罗狄蒂的心并没有因此平静下来,在忧伤和绝望心情的笼罩下,她飞到宙斯处,乞求他的怜悯。哈得斯一点也不打算答应她的要求。经过一番口舌之争,他们达成协议:阿多尼斯每年可以到阳间和阿美罗狄蒂相聚半年,但剩下的六个月得到天堂渡过。由此每当春天的时候,阿多尼斯就转世回到阿芙罗狄蒂身边享受她爱的拥抱,但到了冬天他就得不情愿地回到哈得斯那儿。    Aphrodite was not calmed down yet.In grief and despair she flew to Zeus and begged Zeus' sympathy.Hades was by no means prepared to meet her request.After much dispute anagreement was worked out under which Adonis was to spend half the year above ground with Aphrodite,but the remaining six months in the Elysian Fields.Therefore,in spring time Adonis came back to the loving embrace of Aphrodite ,but when winter came he had to return most reluctantly to Hades.
阿芙罗狄蒂是“至美”女神,她的身世很神奇。在那段日子里,奥林波斯山神们已开始乐于追求宇宙间的权力。一天,海上漂动的浮泡散发出万道圣洁的金光。随着波浪的起伏,一位美丽可爱的少女升出海面,放射出温暖与魁力。她被海神带到了塞浦路斯,后来,塞浦路斯成了她的圣岛。她的美丽无法形容,于是,她被理所当然地称为“美人”。在她不朽的头颅上有个金皇冠,她的双目深沉柔和,双眉温暖祥和。她那瀑布般的长发撒在她优美的颈项以及白皙的胸脯上。此外,她纤巧的手指,玫瑰般白嫩的双足更为她的美增添了迷人的高贵和典雅。当她第一次出现在奥林波斯山上时,她纤细匀称的身段不仅赢得了众神狂热的崇拜,还招致了众女神发疯般的妒嫉。    Aphrodite was the goddess of extreme beauty.Her birthwas a mysterious one.On one of those days when theOlympians had begun to enjoy power in the universe,the floating bubbles of the sea glowed with holy brightness.Out of the wave rose a fair and lovely maiden,shining forth warmth and charm.She was then taken by the ocean fairy maiden to Cyprus which became her sacred island.Her beauty was beyond description,and she was rightly called the Beautiful.Over her deathles shead was a golden crown,her eyes were deep and soft,and herbrows warm.Her long halr flowed over her dellcate neck and white bosom .Her slender fingers and rosy-white feet all added to her attractive grace and elegance .Her slim lily form of a figure caused both the enthusiastic admiration of the gods and the burning jealousy of the goddess when she first took her place on Olympus.
白天阿波罗驾驶着金色战车穿越天空,被仰慕为太阳神。晚上,阿尔特弥斯以庄重的姿态飞越夜空,被敬仰为月亮女神。坐在乳白色战马驱动的空中马车中,这位“广阔天空的王后”向沉睡的大地散发出银色的光芒。她终身未嫁,但至少有一次当她看到英俊的恩底弥翁酣睡时,女神萌发了爱慕之情。    Apollo drove his golden carriage across the heavens during the day,admired as the sun-god.Artemis also raced across the sky in solemn style at night,respected as the moon-goddess.Sitting in an airy carriage drawn by milk white horses,“the queen of wide air”? gave off silver light all over the sleeping world below.Though she remained single all her life,the maiden heart of the goddess was at least for once excited as she saw the beautiful youth Endymion sleeping.
阿波罗无法忘记这位小男孩朋友,就用他神奇的七弦琴伴奏歌颂海先得斯,直到他的名字为全希腊所熟知喜爱。    Apollo never forgot his boy friend;but sang about him to the accompaniment of his wonderful lyre till the name of Hyacinthus was known and loved all over Greece.
阿波罗象征着青春和男子汉的美。金色的头发、庄重的举止、容光焕发的神态,这些足以使他受到世人的青睐。一位名叫克里提的美丽少女迷恋于他的英俊潇洒,跪在地上,从黎明到黄昏,双手伸向太阳神。她凝视着那辆金质马车在蔚蓝的天空驰骋。虽然她的爱并未得到回报,但她对阿波罗的痴情却从未改变。目睹这悲哀的场面,众神深受感动,将她变成了一株向日葵。    Apollo stood for youthful and manly beauty.His goldenhair,stately manner and air all combined to make him the admiration of the world.A beautiful girl,by the name of Clytle,was so fond of his beauty and glory that from dawn to dusk she knelt on the ground,her hands outstretched towards the sungod,and her eyes looked at his golden wheeled carriage racing across the blue sky.Though her love was not returned,she had never changed her mind about Apollo.The gods were moved at the sad sight,and changed her into a sunflower.
阿波罗的脸色像海先得斯一样苍白,可是他没有办法挽回这已经发生的事情了。他只有把他的朋友抱在手臂里,看着他的头像一朵断茎的百合花垂了下去而紫红的血从伤口流出,也染污了土地。    Apollo turned as pale as Hyacinthus,but he could not undo? what had been done.He could only hold his friend in hisarms,and see his head bend down like a lily on a broken stem ,while the purple blood from his wound was dropping down to the earth.
阿波罗是太阳神。清晨他身着紫色袍,坐在那明亮的东方宫殿,准备开始每日穿越天空的旅行。白天,他驾着用金子和象牙制成的战车,给广阔无垠的大地带来光明、生命和仁爱。黄昏时分,他在遥远的西海结束了旅行,然后就乘上金船返回东方的家中。    Apollo was me sun-god.He wore a purple robe.He usually sat in his bright eastern palace early in the morning and madeready to start his daily journey across the sky.During the day hed rove his carriage of gold and ivory , and brought light, life and love to the great world below. Iate in the afternoon he came to the end of his journey in the far western sea and got on his golden boat to return to his eastern home.
阿波罗是音乐神和诗神。他可唤起人们倾注于圣歌中的各种情感。在奥林波斯山上,他手拿金质里拉,用悦耳的音调指挥缪斯的合唱。当他帮助波塞冬建造特洛伊城墙时,里拉奏出的音乐如此动听,以致石头有节奏地、自动地各就其位。有一次他接受凡人音乐家马斯亚斯的挑战参加一次竞赛。战胜对方后,他将对手剥皮致死以惩罚他的狂妄自大。在另外一次音乐比赛中,因输给了潘神,他就将裁判迈尔斯国王的耳朵变成了驴耳朵。    Apollo was the god of music and poetry.He could stir up all feelings.These feelings are expressed in lofty songs.With his lyre of gold and the sweet accents of his godlike voice heled the choir of the Muses at Olympus.The pleasant music from his lyre was so exciting that stones marched into their places in rhythmic time and of their own will when he helped Poseidonbuild up the walls of Troy.On one occasion,invited to a contest by the human musician Marsyas,he won and then flayed him to death for his pride.On another occasion,he lost out toPan at a musical contest and turned the ears of the judge,King Midas,into those of an ass.
阿瑞塞莎是位迷人的仙女猎人。每逢阿耳特弥斯打猎时,她负责携带弓箭。她对工作专心致志,既不考虑赞美也不顾及爱情。一个炎热的夏日,她感到很热,便找到一条凉爽的溪流,深感惬意。她跳入令人愉快的溪水中,兴致勃勃地畅游。不一会儿,听到水泡声,她大吃一惊地发现:那是河神(阿耳法斯)发出的闷雷声。仙女向岸边游去,赤身裸体地跑开了。河神便装成凡人的样子在后紧紧地追赶着。他们一直向前飞奔,越过小山,跨过峡谷,翻越大山,掠过广阔的平原,直到西海的水域展现在他们的眼前。绝望中精疲力竭的阿瑞塞莎哭叫着向她的保护神求救。阿耳特弥斯迅速将一层云雾披在仙女的身上。但顽固不化的阿耳法斯并未上当受骗。接着一股冷汗从仙女的肢体上溢出,并且浑身上下淌着水珠,她被变成一眼泉水了。河神认出了泉水就是仙女,他自已马上也变回了原来的模样,以便与仙女同流,享受她的陪伴。阿耳特弥斯只好劈开地面,仙女阿瑞塞莎便一直沉陷下去,穿过阴间,从希腊漂流到西西里岛。最后在锡拉库扎露面,结果发现河神忍受了阴间的黑暗,也变成了一条溪流出现在她面前。他们交汇在一起,他终于得到了她的爱。    Arethusa was once a fairy maiden huntress.She carriedbow and arrows for Artemis in her hunting.She was sodevoted to her work that she cared for neither admirationnor love.One sunny summer day,she felt hot and found a coolstream quite attractive.She jumped into the delightful streamand happily started swimming.Presently she heard a bubbling in the stream and was surprised to find it was the thunderingvoice of the rivergod Alpheus.The maiden made for the shore and,fully naked,started running away.Taking a human form,the river-god followed closely in pursuit .Onward they spedover hill and valley,across dark heights and over broad plains,until the waters of the western sea lay stretched out right before them .Helplessly the exhausted Arethusa cried to her patronessfor help.Artemis instantly cast a cloud over her body,but the pigheaded Alpheus was not to be tricked.Then a cold sweatbroke from the maiden's arms and legs.The drops of water fellfrom all over her body.She had been turned into a spring!Alpheus recognized her new form and presently took his formershape to join with Arethusa and enjoy her company.Artemisthen broke the ground and Arethusa sank down and flowed all the way through the under world from Southern Greece to Sicily .She rose up again at Syracuse,only to find that therivergod had endured the darkness of the lower world andturned up as a stream as well.Mixing his waves with hers,hegained her love in the end.
阿刚斯有点厌烦这种无聊的看守,因此很高兴跟路过的人谈谈天。他看到海尔墨斯赶羊路过时很高兴,就请这个假牧羊人到树荫下坐坐,吹吹笛子或讲故事。    Argus found his watch rather dull,and was glad enough to talk to any one who happened to pass by. He was very glad when he saw Hermes coming with the goats,and he invited the pretended shepherd to come and sit by him,under the trees in the shade,and play on his pipe and tell stories.
当希腊舰队停驻在奥利斯海港时,风向一直不顺。一位先知告诉远征军的统帅阿伽门农,让他牺牲自己的女儿伊菲革涅亚,把她献给阿耳特弥斯。伊菲革涅亚被摆到了女神祭坛上。但是阿耳特弥斯在最后关头将她带走了,并将一只鹿放到她的位置上。阿伽门农的妻子克吕泰涅斯特拉对丈夫的残忍深感愤怒。    As the Greek ships gathered at the port of Aulis,no favouring wind blew up . A prophet told the comander of the expedition, Agamemnon,that he had to offer his daughter Iphigenia asa sacrifice to Artemis.Iphigenia was placed before the goddess' altar but Artemis took her away at the last minute,putting a reddeer in her place.Agamemnon' s wife Clytemnestra was greatlyenraged at her husband' s cruelty.
奥林波斯山上的神都喜欢乔装改扮到人间察看。有一天,宙斯和海尔墨斯乔装来到一个村子里。他们敲了许多人家的门,希望能歇歇脚,讨点食物,却一次又一次地被拒之门外。最后他们来到一间简陋的小茅屋前,这里住着鲍西丝和她的老伴费莱蒙,老俩口虽一贫如洗,却也乐天知足,与世无争。他们享尽了生活所赋予的一切,并对上天充满了感激之情。当二神来到他们家时,老俩口满怀喜悦,笑逐颜开。他们将二神视为稀客,并立刻开始为他们准备晚餐。他们点燃火,摘回一棵白菜,又切下一块贮存很久的咸肥肉,放在火上烤。正当他们宰杀仅剩的一只鹅时,客人婉言地阻止了他们。餐凳只是临时的代用品,陈旧不堪,到处是修补的痕迹,但对他们来说已是最好的了。桌子是用一块砖头撑着。饭菜非常普通,有鸡蛋、葡萄酒和土制奶酪,以及多种新鲜水果。二老笑容可掬、殷勤备至地服待天神用饭。两位天神深深地被他们的盛情款待所感动,说明了自己的真实身分。“我们是天神”宙斯说,“你们将脱离不幸,但你们的邻人们将因他们的邪恶受到惩罚。跟我们走吧!”当他们快到奥林波斯山顶时,鲍西丝和费莱蒙回头看见整个村庄淹没在一片沼泽之中;而他们的旧茅屋却始终完好无损,并且变成了一座金碧辉煌的神殿。出于二老的要求,他们被指派为宙斯所住宫殿的看护者。随着俩个凡人生活的结束,他们变成了白蜡树和菩提树,并肩站在神殿前。    As was the common practice with the gods of Olympus,Zeus and Hermes were visiting the world in disguise.One day they came to a village.At a thousand house sthey knocked,and a thousand times they were refused rest and food and drink.At last they arrived at a humble cottage,where the old couple Baucis and her husband Philemon lived.Poor but at peace with world,they made the best of what life could offer them ,and felt truly grateful to the gods above.When the two travellers entered the hut,the old couple were glad with lively happiness.They offered their guests their best seat,and immediately set about preparing dinner for them.With no small difficulty they made fire,brought in a fresh cabbage,cut a fat piece of their long kept meat and put them over the fire to cook.The one single goose they were ready to kill for the visitors,but it was saved at the last minute by the guests.The dining bench was a makeshift ,poor and patched but the best they had.The table was supported by a brick.The feast was quite modest,eggs and wine and cot tage cheese,and a variety of newly pickedfruit.The old couple humbly waited on the visiting guests withsincere looks and eager goodwill.Moved at the hospitality ofthe house,the gods told their true identity.“We are gods”,saidZeus.“While the neigh bour hood pays the penalty for itswickedness? you shall be free from misfortune.Coming along with us”.When they were near the top of the hill,Bancis and Phile mon looked back and saw all the village below covered by amarsh ,and that among the general ruin and destruction their old cottage alone survived,changed into a grand temple.At their request they were made the guardians of the sacred place of Zeus.When their span of worldly life came to an end they were turned into an ash and linden,standing side by side in front of the temple.
当仗打到第九年年底的时候,一位先知预言,只要城里的雅典娜神像在,特洛伊城就永远不会被攻陷。于是,奥德修斯就和狄俄墨得斯伪装入城,偷偷地将神像盗了出来。随后,希腊人精心制作了一匹庞大的木马,一些希腊士兵藏进了马腹。与此同时,希腊军队假装撤兵,并散布谣言:这匹马是雅典娜送来的。信以为真的特洛伊人欢天喜地地将马拖进城里。夜幕降临,隐藏的希腊士兵们蹑手蹑脚地从马肚里钻出来,使整个城市陷入一片混乱之中。特洛伊城被洗劫一空。国王皮安姆被杀,赫克犹巴王后,她的女儿卡珊德拉及儿媳安德洛玛切都被充作了奴隶。海伦和墨涅劳斯重归于好,到西方隐居了起来。阿伽门农返回锡尼,却不幸遭到自己妻子的谋杀。他的儿子杀死了自己的母亲,又被愤怒女神追捕。奥德修斯历尽艰难险阻,与大风大浪搏击着,直到他最终到达伊塞沙,与忠实的妻子珀涅罗珀团聚在一起。特洛伊城的一位王子埃厄安斯幸免于难。很长一段时间,他从一个国家流浪到另一个国家。最后,他创建了罗马民族。    At the end of nine years a prophet predicted that Troywould not fall as long as the Palladium stayed within its walls.Odysseus and Diomedes went into the city in disguise and stole itout of the temple of the city. Then the Greeks designed a great wooden horse,in which some Greek soldiers hid themselves,andmade believe to with draw. Taken in by rumour? that the horsehad been sent by Athena, the overjoyed Trojans hauled it intotheir capital. At night the hidden Greeks crawled out and threwthe whole city into confusion . Tory was robbed. King Priamwas killed.Queen Hecuba,her daughter Cassandra and herdaughterinlaw Andromache were all carried into slavery. Helenand Menelaus were on good terms again and disappeared in the west. Agamemnon went back to Mycenae, only to be murdered by his own wife. His son Orestes killed his mother and was pursued by the Furies. Odysseus went through untold hardships,struggling with wind and wave,before he reached his home island Ithaca to reunite with? his faithful wife Penelope.Aeneas,one of the Trojan princes,after narrowly escaping death at Troy,wandered from land to land for a long time and became,inthe end,the founder of the Roman race.
在马拉松战争时期,潘遇见了前往斯巴达的信使。他请求信使转告雅典人:尽管雅典人并不喜欢他,他仍旧愿意友好地对待他们,愿意在他们的困难时期给予帮助。雅典人在马拉松附近与敌人作战时,惊奇地发现波斯士兵突然被一种莫名的恐惧所笼罩,他们混乱地逃离战地。原来伟大的潘给波斯士兵的内心注入了一种恐惧。自此之后,这种恐惧周知为恐慌。战后雅典人满怀感激之情建了一座神庙献给潘,将祭品和猎物敬献给他以示尊敬。    At the time of the battle of Marathon Pan met the Athenian messenger to Sparta .He asked the man to say to the Athenians that,although they did not like him,he still felt kindlytowards them and would aid them in their difficulties.When fighting against enemies went on near Marathon,the Athenians were surprised to see that the Persian soldiers were suddenly seized with a mysterious fear and ran away from the field in disorder.The great Pan had struck into the hearts of the Persians a kind of fear.The fear has been ever since known as panic .After the war the Athenians gratefully dedicated a temple to Pan .The sacrifices and games were held in his honour.
皮瑞塞斯结婚时,特修斯和海格拉斯都受到了邀请。在场的许多骑兵被新娘那闪光夺目的美丽所激怒。他们决定用武力把她抢过来。特修斯和海格拉斯对他们的野蛮行径怒不可遏。在这场众所周知的冷血战争中,他们痛击了骑兵并夺回了新娘。可惜她很快就离开人世了。    At the wedding of Pirithous,to which Theseus and Heracleswere invited,a number of horsemen present were angry with the shining beauty of the bride,so that they attempted to take herby force.Both The seus and Heracles were enraged at their wildbehaviour .In what was known as the coldblooded fight between the horsemen and the Lapithae they beat the horsemen and saved the bride.But she did not have long to live.
他接替父亲当了国王。他引进了许多好方法来改善人民的生活。为了使国家不再受亚马孙族女战士的威胁,他带队远征这个女人国,并俘虏了它的王后。王后名叫安提诺波。事实上,她狂热地爱上了特修斯并答应嫁给他。后来,亚马孙族人借口要夺回王后派兵攻打雅典。在接着的战斗中,王后被一只乱箭射中,不幸丧命,留下特修斯一人独自悲伤。    At this time the clty of Athens was bothered by the respectit had promised to pay to King Minos of Crete . The Cretanshad come to attack Athens,and the gods had ordered that the Athenians would have to meet the demand of the and Cretan king that seven boys and seven girls be sent to Crete every year to feed the half man,half bull Minotaur.Determined to kill the Minotaur and save his people from further grief,The seus decided to go asone of the fourteen chosen victims.Before he left he promised his father that if he succeeded in his work he would change the black sails of his ships to white ones.He went,and with the help of princess Ariadne of Crete,he killed the Minotaur and carried the Princess with him on his way back.At Naxos he left the girl in her own care.For when he neared Athens he forgot to put up the promised white sails,and his anxious father,standing on a hill-top,saw the black sails,threw himself down into the sea in despair.So stricken with grief was The seus that he never recovered from regret.He succeeded his father as king,and introduced many good measures to improve the life of his people.To rid his kingdom of the threat by the Amazons,he led an expedition into the woman country and took its queen prisoner.The queen,Antiope by name,ws in fact so passionately in love with him that she agreed to marry him.At a later date the Amazons came to lay attack on Athens on the excuse of recovering their queen.In the battle that followed,the queen was wounded by a chance arrow and died,leaving Theseus a sad widower.
雅典娜是艺术、工艺和妇女手工之神,双手灵巧,无法忍受别人的挑战。一位名叫阿瑞克妮的莉迪亚族少女,似乎瞧不起雅典娜的本领,并常吹嘘如有机会定能击败女神雅典娜。一气之下,女神装扮成一位老妇,劝告阿瑞克妮应谦虚一些。但那位愚昧无知的女手艺人,竟勇敢地向她发出挑战。女神卸去伪装,接受了挑战。两位妇女立刻着手创作各自的作品。女神设计的图案叙述了她与波塞冬争斗的故事,而阿瑞克妮则编织了一张精细的网。之后,阿瑞克妮吃惊地发现自己输了,因女神的作品要好得多。她感到非常羞耻,便用一根丝线自缢。但在咽气之前,女神将她变成了一只蜘蛛,让她永远地编织。    Athena was the goddess of arts and crafts? and woman' shandi work.She was so skilled with her hands that she toleratedno challenge to her skill in this respect . A Lydian maid,Arachne by name,did not seem to think much of Athena's skill,for she frequently talked big? that she could beat the goddess if she had the chance to do so.The goddess was quite angry.Dressed up as an old woman,she went to advise Arachne to bemodest.But the ignorant crafts woman? bravely asked the goddess herself to come down and compete with her.At this the goddess took off her disguise and accepted the competition. The two women immediately set about making different designs.While the goddess worked on the story of her rivalry with Poseidon,Arachne began to make a delicate web.When both pieces were finished,Arachne saw,to her surprise,that she had been beaten,for the goddess' design was infinitely better.She felt soshamed that she tied a piece of silk to hang herself.But Just before she breathed her last breath the goddess changed her into aspider and let her weave forever.
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