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5.以傲慢的态度提出问题,给人一种只有他最重要的印象。    5.Asking impertinent questions,often to impress others with their own importance.
正义感    A keen Sense of justice
正义感不仅是一种获得实质利益的工具,同时还能强化 各种人际关系,它驱除贪婪和自私,并使你更了解你的权益 和责任,而所有其他个性也将因为有了正义感而更有力量。    A keen sense of justice is not merely a tool for gaining material rewards.It enhances every human relationship.It discourages avarice and selfishness and gives you a much better understanding of your rights,privileges,and responsiblities.With it,every aspect of attractive personality grows stronger.
智囊团是由两个或两个以上的人,以和谐的态度和主动 积极的精神,为共同目标齐心努力的团体。    A mastermind alliance it built of two or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony toward a common definite object.
2.有很少数的人将他们的愿望转变成欲望,他们一再地 想得到相信的东西,但欲望也仅此而己,这样的人占了10%。    A much smaller percentage develop their wihes into desires.They want the same thing constantly,but that is the end of their commitement.They represent 10 percent.
既然消极心态对你的破坏力如此之大,所以你最好还是 待在家里,别出来和人竞争,消极心态只会为你树立敌人, 并且摧毁你的成就和朋友。如果一位律师带着消极心态步人法庭,即使他所辩护的 是全世界最棒的案子,还是无法说服法官和陪审团。你会对一位容易发怒而又悲观的医生产生信心吗?不!人们是绝不会容忍消极心态的。    A negative mental attitude is so detrimental to your efforts that you are better off staying at home than venturing out into the world with it.It will only make you enemies and corrupt your good works and allinances.A lawyer who goes into court with best case in the word will convince neither judge nor jury if her attitude is negative.What kind of confidence would you have in a sullen,pessimistic doctor,no matter how many degrees hang on the will? None! People simply will not tolerate a bad mental attitude.
积极心态,是无论在任何情况下,都应具备的正确心 态。这种心态是由“正面”的性格因素所构成的,诸如“信 心”、“正直”、“希望”、“乐观”、“勇气”、“进取心”、“慷 慨”、“耐性”、“机智”、“亲切”,以及“丰富的常识”。    A positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in any given situation and is most often composed of the plus characteristics symbolized by such words as""faith,"" ""integrity,"" ""hope,"" ""optimism,"" ""courage"" ""initiative,"" ""generosity,"" ""tolerance,"" ""tact,"" ""kindliness,"" and ""good common sense.""
5.为数更少的人将他们的愿望、欲望和希望转变成确信 之后,又再进一步将确倍转变成强烈的欲望,最后转变成一种 信心,这种人占了4%。    A smaller group of people crystallize their wishes,desires,and hopes into belief,then into a burning desire,and finally into faith.The constitute 4 percent.
3.把愿望和欲望变成希望的人就更少了,但他们害怕想 像有一天他们的美梦可能成真的情形,我估计这种人占了8%。    A still smaller percentage develop their wishes and desired into hopes.They dare to imagine,from time to time,that they might get what they seek.I estimate they constitute 8 percent.
避免任何具有负面意义的说话型态,尤其应根除吹毛求疵、闲言闲语或中伤他人名誉的行为,这些行为会使你的思想 朝向消极面发展。    Abstain from negative conversation,especially carping,gossip,or tearing apart other people's reputations.These activities condition your mind to think negatively.
我们在这个世界上到底能占有多少空间,是和我们为他人利益所提供之服务的质与量,以及提供服务时所产生出的心态,成正比例的关系。    Acknowledge that the space you occupy in this world is in exact ratio to the quantity and quality of the service you render for the benefice of others,plus the mental attitude in which you render it.
1.调整你自己以期能配合他人的思想和特性,观察狗儿 如何快速地调适自己,以配合主人的情绪,并学习它们的自我控制能力。    Adjust yourself to other people's states of mind and peculiarities so that you can get along peacefully with them.Observe a dog,and learn the art of self-control by watch how quickly it adjusts itself to its master's moods.
你应承认,“爱”是你生理和心理疾病的最佳药物,爱会改 变并且调适你体内的化学元素,以使它们有助于你表现出积 极心态,爱也会扩展你的包容力。接受爱的最好方法就是付出你自己的爱。    Admit that love it the finest medication for your body and your soul.Love changes the entire chemistry of your body and conditions it for the expression of a positive mental attitude.It also extends the space you occupy in the heart of others.The best way to receive love is to give it.
遵照第一章的指示先建立一明确目标,并且朝着目标前 进,确定你要的是什么,并且努力去得到它。但应确定你所希 望的目标是值得你努力而且你可能达成的目标。别小看自己 的能力.但也别定出一个遥不可及的目标。    Adopt a definite major purpose ,and begin to attain it.Follow the instructions in the first chapter.Know what you want,and get busy creating it.Be sure that the object of yours desire is something worhy,something you can obtain.Never sell yourself short,but do not set a task for yourself which is utterly ridiculous.
1.订定一明确目标。    Adopt a definite major purpose.
早晚祈祷你所订目标的实现,以坚定你对目标的信念。想想看,当你达到目标后的欢愉感觉。当你达到一个目标之 后,再设定一个新目标。但切勿因为达到目标就感到自满。    Affirm the object of your desire through prayer,morning and night.Inspire your imagination to see yourself already in possession of it.When you attain one goal,set a new one.Do not let complacency set in.
所有这些情绪都是一种心理状态,所以也是你能掌控的 对象。你可以想像如果不能控制那些消极情绪,会造成多么 大的危险。同样的,如果你不能有意识地控制那些积极情绪 的话,它们也会造成破坏性的结果。    All these emotions are states of mind and are thus subject to your control. YOu can see right away how dangerous the negative emotions can be if they are not mastered. The positive emotions can also be destructive if you do not organize and release them with conscious control.
7.与你求助的人结成智囊团。    Ally yourself with others whose aid you need.
4.极少数的人把希望转变成确信,他们期待他们真的能 得到所想要的东西。这些人占了6%。    An even smaller group translates that hope into belief.They expect what they want will actually happen.These people number 6 percent.
在此一过程的一项重要变数是,你要拿什么来交换这1 万或100万美金,提供相对服务或其他等价值得时间,对取得资源的速度快慢也是相当重要的, 你必须清楚地了解在你“取得”之前应“付出”些什么。    An important variable in this process is just exactly what it is you offer in exchange for that ten thousand or one million dollars.The time required to deliver the service or the equivalent value you intend to supply is also significant.You must be clear about what it is that you will give before you can expect to get in return.
6.分析你所失败的事例,并找出失败的原因,在不如意 时应寻求等值的正面回报。    Analyze all your setbacks and determine their causes.Discover the seed of equivalent benefit in each circumstance.
最后连续6个月每周阅读本章一次。6个月之后你将会 脱胎换骨。当你学会本章所要求的良好习惯并且调适好你的 思想之后,你的心态便会随时处于积极状态。    And finally:read this lesson once a week for six months.You will so thoroughly indoctrinate yourself with these habits and mind conditioners that your mental attitude will become and remain positive at all times.
这种情形同样也适用于你所提供的各种服务方面,如果 你付出价值100元的服务,则你不但能回收这100元,而且可 能会回收好几倍。而到底能回收多少,就必须看你是否抱持 着正确的心态而定了。 如果你是以心不甘情不愿的心态提供服务,那你可能得 不到任何回报,如果你只是从为自己谋取利益的角度提供服 务时则可能连你希望得到的利益也得不到。    And so it is with everything you do in the service you render. If you render service worth a hundred dollars, chances are you will get back not only that one hundred dollar but perhaps ten times that-provided you have done so with the right mental attitude.If you render extra service unwillingly or resentfully,you will probably get nothing back. It's as if the farmer had sown his wheat on the interstate road instead of the fertile field. And if you render your service only with a sharp eye out for you own benefit, you will get nothing except perhaps a poke in that eye.
卡内基曾经告诉我,他找寻一位首席化学家的故事:经过全球探访后,他找到一位当时在一家德国公司任职的化学家,这位化学家的能力是无庸置疑的,于是卡内基便和他签 了5年的合约,但是不到一年卡内基就和他解约了。    Andrew Carnegie once told me of a worldwide search he conducted for his chief chemist.His scouts found brilliant man working for a German firm.His ability was without question.Carnegis entered into a five-year contract for the man;s sevices.Within a year he had released the man from the bargain.
卡内基就是一个很好的例子,当他决定要制造钢铁时,脑海中便不时闪现此一欲望,并变成他生命的动力。接着他 寻求一位朋友的合作,由于这位朋友深受卡内基执着力量的感动,便贡献自己的力量;这两个人的共同热忱,最后再说 服另外两个人加人行列。    Andrew Carnegie's life again provides an excellent examples.Once he knew he wanted to make steel,he fed that desire until it was the driving force in his life.He then turned to a friend,similarly broke but smart enough to recognize that value of his idea.Because he was impressed by the power of Carnegie's obsession,the friend joined forces with Carnegie.Their combined enthusiasm was sufficient to convince two others.
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