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卫生行政部门和劳动保障行政部门接到报告后,应当依法作出处理。    The public health authority and the labor & social security authority should resolve the problem according to applicable laws.
卫生行政部门应当加强队伍建设,提高职业卫生监督执法人员的政治、业务素质,依照本法和其他有关法律、法规的规定,建立、健全内部监督制度,对其工作人员执行法律、法规和遵守纪律的情况,进行监督检查。    The public health authority should strengthen the team building, elevate the political and operation-related qualification of the occupational health supervision/law-enforcement personnel, establish/improve the in-house supervision system according to this Code and other applicable laws and regulations, and supervise/inspect the enforcement of the laws, regulations and disciplines.
省、自治区、直辖市人民政府卫生行政部门应当设立相关的专家库,需要对职业病争议作出诊断鉴定时,由当事人或者当事人委托有关卫生行政部门从专家库中以随机抽取的方式确定参加诊断鉴定委员会的专家。    The public health authority under the people’s government of provinces, autonomous regions and centrally administered municipalities should set up related expert pool, which enables the party concerned or the public health authority entrusted by the party concerned to randomly choose the experts to constitute the appraisal committee.
国务院卫生行政部门统一负责全国职业病防治的监督管理工作。国务院有关部门在各自的职责范围内负责职业病防治的有关监督管理工作。    The public health authority under the State Council is responsible for the supervision and administration of the nationwide prevention of occupational diseases. The competent authorities under the State Council shall be responsible for the supervision and administration of occupational disease prevention according to their respective administrative duties.
职业病的分类和目录由国务院卫生行政部门会同国务院劳动保障行政部门规定、调整并公布。    The public heath authorities and the labor & social security authority under the State Council ( will enact, adjust and promulgate the categories and catalogs of occupational diseases.
竞业限制的范围、地域、期限由用人单位与劳动者约定,竞业限制的约定不得违反法律、法规的规定。    The range, geographical scope and time limit for limitation of competition shall be stipulated by the employer and the worker. The stipulation relating to limitation of competition shall not violate any law or regulation.
高毒作业场所应当设置红色区域警示线、警示标识和中文警示说明,并设置通讯报警设备。    The red area-warning lines, warning marks, and warning specifications in Chinese shall be displayed, and communication and alarm equipment shall be installed in the workplaces where high toxic substances are used.
承担职业病诊断的医疗卫生机构在进行职业病诊断时,应当组织三名以上取得职业病诊断资格的执业医师集体诊断。    The responsible healthcare agencies should arrange at least three medical practitioners certified for the qualification of occupational-disease diagnosis to diagnose the occupational diseases.
可能产生职业中毒危害的建设项目的职业中毒危害防护设施应当与主体工程同时设计,同时施工,同时投入生产和使用;    The safeguards against occupational poisoning hazards for a construction project that is likely to cause occupational poisoning hazards shall be designed, constructed and put into production and utilization simultaneously with the project's principal part.
有毒物品的生产、经营、储存、运输、使用和废弃处置的安全管理,依照危险化学品安全管理条例执行。    The safety management in the manufacture, marketing, storage, transportation and use of toxic substances, and in the disposal of wasted toxic substances as well, shall be subject to the Regulations on Safety Administration of Hazardous Chemicals.
竞业限制的范围、地域、期限由用人单位与劳动者约定,竞业限制的约定不得违反法律、法规的规定。    The scope, territory and term of the non-competition provisions shall be agreed upon by the Unit and the laborer, and such agreement shall not violate laws and regulations.
劳动者享受的社会保险金必须按时足额支付。    The social insurance amount that labourers are entitled to, must be timely paid in full.
职业病危害项目申报的具体办法由国务院卫生行政部门制定。    The specific measures for the declaration in connection therewith are to be worked out by the public health authority under the State Council.
对其配偶每月按照统筹地区上年度职工月平均工资的40%发给,对其生前供养的直系亲属每人每月按照统筹地区上年度职工月平均工资的30%发给;    The spouses of the deceased shall enjoy a monthly pension equivalent to 40% of the workers’ average monthly wages in the previous year of the same overall planning area. The lineal relatives supported by the deceased before their death shall enjoy per capita a monthly pension equivalent to 30% of the workers’ average monthly wages in the previous year of the same overall planning area;
医疗补助金的标准由省、自治区、直辖市人民政府规定。    The standard for medical subvention is to be set by people's government of province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government.
用人单位与劳动者订立的劳动合同中劳动报酬和劳动条件等标准不得低于集体合同规定的标准。    The standards for working conditions, rates for labor remuneration, etc. stipulated in the labor contract between a Unit and a laborer may not be lower than those stipulated in the collective contract.
用人单位与劳动者订立的劳动合同中劳动报酬和劳动条件等标准不得低于集体合同规定的标准。    The standards such as remunerations, working conditions, etc. as prescribed in the labor contract between an employer and a worker shall not be lower than those as prescribed in the collective contract.
国家对作业场所使用高毒物品实行特殊管理。    The State exercises special control over the use of high toxic substances in workplaces.
国家鼓励企业、事业组织、社会团体在法律、行政法规规定的范围内兴办产业或者拓展经营,增加就业。    The State shall encourage enterprises, institutional organizations, and societies to initiate industries or expand businesses for the increase of employment within the scope of the stipulations of laws, and administrative rules and regulations.
国家保护工会的合法权益不受侵犯。    The State shall protect the legal rights and interests of trade unions and any infringement of these rights and interests shall be prohibited.
国家支持劳动者自愿组织起来就业和从事个体经营实现就业。    The State shall support labourers to get jobs by organizing themselves on a voluntary basis or by engaging in individual businesses.
社会保险基金监督机构依照法律规定,对社会保险基金的收支、管理和运营实施监督。    The supervisory organizations of social insurance funds shall exercise supervision over the revenue and expenditure, management and operation of social insurance funds in accordance with the stipulations of laws.
在解除或者终止劳动合同后,前款规定的人员到与本单位生产或者经营同类产品、从事同类业务的有竞争关系的其他用人单位,或者自己开业生产或者经营同类产品、从事同类业务的竞业限制期限,不得超过二年。    The term, beginning from the termination of the labor contract, for which a person shall be subject to non-competition provisions in terms of his working for a competing Unit that either produces the same type of products or is engaged in the same type of business as his current Unit, or in terms of his establishing his own business to produce products or engage in business competing with his current Unit’s products or business, shall not exceed two years.
职业病危害因素检测、评价由依法设立的取得省级以上人民政府卫生行政部门资质认证的职业卫生技术服务机构进行。职业卫生技术服务机构所作检测、评价应当客观、真实。    The test and assessment of occupational-disease-inductive factors should be undertaken by occupational-health technical service organizations who are approved by the public health authorities under province-above people’s governments. The assessing organization should be objective and justified in the test and assessment.
检测、评价结果存入用人单位职业卫生档案,定期向所在地卫生行政部门报告并向劳动者公布。    The test and evaluation results shall be kept in the employing units' occupational health archives, and shall be reported at regular intervals to the local administrative departments for public health and announced to the workers.
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