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第十六条 对装运出口易腐烂变质食品的船舱和集装箱,承运人或者装箱单位必须在装货前申请检验。未经检验合格的,不准装运。    Article 16 For vessel holds or containers used for carrying perishable foods, the carrier or the organization using the containers shall apply for inspection before loading. No permission shall be granted for loading and shipment until the relevant conditions are passed by the inspectors.
第十六条 国境卫生检疫机关有权要求入境、出境的人员填写健康申明卡,出示某种传染病的预防接种证书、健康证明或者其他有关证件。    Article 16 Frontier health and quarantine offices shall be authorized to require persons on entry or exit to complete a health declaration form and produce certificates of vaccination against certain infectious diseases, a health certificate or other relevant documents.
第十六条输入动物,经检疫不合格的,由口岸动植物检疫机关签发《检疫处理通知单》,通知货主或者其代理人作如下处理:    Article 16 In respect of the import animals that fail in the quarantine inspection, the port animal and plant quarantine office shall issue the Quarantine Treatment Notice notifying the owner or his or her agent to deal with the said animals in either of the following manners:
第十六条动物、动物产品的运载工具、垫料、包装物应当符合国务院畜牧兽医行政管理部门规定的动物防疫条件。    Article 16 Means of transport, padding materials and packing materials for animals or animal products shall meet the requirements for animal epidemic prevention set by the animal husbandry and veterinary administrative department under the State Council.
第十六条 食品添加剂的国家产品质量标准中有卫生学意义的指标,必须经国务院卫生行政部门审查同意。    Article 16 Norms of significance to the science of health to be included in the national quality standards for food additives must be examined and approved by the administrative department of public health under the State Council.
第十六条 剧毒、危险、易碎、储运中不能倒置以及有其他特殊要求的产品,其包装必须符合相应要求,有警示标志或者中文警示说明标明储运注意事项。    Article 16 The packages of poisonous, dangerous or fragile products, or products that should be kept upright during storage and transportation, or other products with special requirements must meet the corresponding requirements and carry warning marks or warning statements in Chinese indicating directions for storage and transportation.
第十六条 本规定经上海市人民代表大会常务委员会批准,由上海市人民政府颁布,自1985年8月1日起施行。    Article 16 The present Provisions shall be promulgated by the Shanghai Municipal people's Government after being adopted by the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal people's Congress, and shall become effective on August 1, 1985.
第十六条 本办法由商务部负责解释。    Article 16 These Measures shall be subject to the interpretation of the Ministry of Commerce.
第十六条 卫生检疫机关发现检疫传染病、监测传染病、疑似检疫传染病时,应当向当地卫生行政部门和卫生防疫机构通报;发现检疫传染病时,还应当用最快的办法向国务院卫生行政部门报告。    Article 16 When the health and quarantine organ has discovered any quarantinable epidemic cases or monitored epidemic diseases or any disease suspected to be quarantinable, it must inform the local health administrative unit and the epidemic prevention unit. When a quarantinable disease is discovered, it must be promptly reported to the health administrative department under the State Council.
第十六条 特许人违反本办法第八条规定的,由备案机关责令改正,可以处1万元以下的罚款;情节严重的,处1万元以上5万元以下的罚款,并予以公告。    Article 16 Where a franchiser violates the provision in Article Eight, the archiving organ shall order him/her to make an correction, and may impose a fine of no more than 10 000 yuan thereupon; if the circumstances are serious, a fine of no less than 10 000 yuan and no more than 50 000 yuan shall be imposed thereupon, and an announcement shall be issued.
第十七条 境外特许人在中国境内从事特许经营活动,按照本办法执行。香港、澳门特别行政区及台湾地区特许人参照本办法执行。    Article 17 An overseas franchiser shall follow these Measures to conduct franchise activities within the territory of China. A franchiser from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan region shall follow these Measures.
第十七条 在国内或者国外某一地区发生检疫传染病流行时,国务院卫生行政部门可以宣布该地区为疫区。    Article 17 At the time when any quarantinable epidemic disease is prevalent in certain regions at home or abroad, the health administrative department under the State Council may declare the regions as pestilence areas.
第十七条 对患有监测传染病的人、来自国外监测传染病流行区的人或者与监测传染病人密切接触的人,国境卫生检疫机关应当区别情况,发给就诊方便卡,实施留验或者采取其他预防、控制措施,并及时通知当地卫生行政部门。各地医疗单位对持有就诊方便卡的人员,应当优先诊治。    Article 17 For persons who suffer from infectious diseases to be monitored, who come from areas in foreign countries where infectious diseases to be monitored are epidemic or who have close contact with patients suffering from infectious diseases to be monitored, the frontier health and quarantine offices shall, according to each case, issue them medical convenience cards, keep them for inspection or take other preventive or control measures, while promptly notifying the local health administration department about such cases. Medical services at all places shall give priority in consultation and treatment to persons possessing medical convenience cards.
第十七条 生产者不得生产国家明令淘汰的产品。    Article 17 No producer may produce any product that has been officially eliminated by the State.
第十七条输入植物、植物产品和其他检疫物,经检疫发现有植物危险性病、虫、杂草的,由口岸动植物检疫机关签发《检疫处理通知单》,通知货主或者其代理人作除害、退回或者销毁处理。    Article 17 On discovering through quarantine inspection that import plants, plant products or other quarantine objects are contaminated with diseases, pests or weeds dangerous to plants, the port animal and plant quarantine office shall issue the Quarantine Treatment Notice notifying the owner or his or her agent to conduct such treatments as disinfection and disinfestation, returning or destruction.
第十七条 商检机构对本法规定必须经商检机构检验的进出口商品以外的进出口商品,可以抽查检验。    Article 17 The commodity inspection authorities may make a random inspection of import and export commodities beyond those subject to inspection by the commodity inspection authorities in accordance with this Law.
第十七条 国务院烟草专卖行政主管部门会同国务院物价主管部门按卷 烟等级选定部分牌号的卷烟作为代表品。    Article 17 The department of tobacco monopoly administration under the State Council shall, together with the pricing authorities under the State Council, select on a grading basis cigarettes of certain brands as indicators.
第十七条 各级人民政府的食品生产经营管理部门应当加强食品卫生管理工作,并对执行本法情况进行检查。    Article 17 The departments in charge of control of food production or marketing of the people's governments at various levels shall strengthen control of food hygiene and oversee the implementation of this Law.
第十七条保存、使用、运输动物源性致病微生物的,应当遵守国家规定的管理制度和操作规程。    Article 17 The storage, use and transportation of animal-borne pathogenic microorganisms shall conform to the management systems and operational rules set by the state.
第十七条 本办法自2007年5月1日起施行。    Article 17 These Measures shall enter into force as of May 1, 2007.
第十八条 食品生产经营企业应当健全本单位的食品卫生管理制度,配备专职或者兼职食品卫生管理人员,加强对所生产经营食品的检验工作。    Article 18 Enterprises engaged in food production or marketing shall improve their own system for food hygiene control, appoint full-time or part-time workers to control food hygiene and strengthen inspection of the foods they produce or market.
第十八条 国境卫生检疫机关根据国家规定的卫生标准,对国境口岸的卫生状况和停留在国境口岸的入境、出境的交通工具的卫生状况实施卫生监督:    Article 18 Frontier health and quarantine offices shall, in accordance with state health standards, exercise health supervision over the sanitary conditions at frontier ports and the sanitary conditions of conveyances on entry or exit at frontier ports. They shall:
第十八条禁止经营下列动物、动物产品:    Article 18 Marketing of any animal or animal product in the following categories shall be prohibited:?
第十八条 国家行业协会应协助政府主管部门做好企业备案工作,充分发挥行业协会的协调作用,加强行业自律。    Article 18 National Industrial Association shall assist competent department of the government on archival filing, give full play to the coordinating role of the industrial association, and strengthen industrial self-discipline.
第十八条 生产者不得伪造产地,不得伪造或者冒用他人的厂名、厂址。    Article 18 No producer may forge the origin of a product, nor forge or falsely use another producer name and address.
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