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合伙人由于承担连带责任,所清偿数额超过其应当承担的数额时,有权向其他合伙人追偿。    A partner who has paid more than his share of the debts as a result of his joint and several liability shall be entitled to seek recourse against other partners.
当事人也可以在接到处罚通知之日起十五日内,直接向人民法院起诉。    A party concerned also may, within 15 days after receiving a notice of penalty, directly file a suit in a people's court.
当事人对税务机关的处罚决定不服的,可以在接到处罚通知之日起十五日内,向作出处罚决定的机关的上一级机关申请复议;    A party concerned who does not agree with a penalty decision made by the tax authority may, within 15 days after receiving the notice of penalty, apply for reconsideration to the next higher tax authority of the tax authority which makes the penalty decision;
当事人依法可以委托代理人订立合同。    A party may appoint an agent to enter into a contract on its behalf under the law.
中国人民银行分支机构可在总行授权的范围内临时调整辖内金融机构的拆借资金限额。    A PBC branch may temporarily alter interbank borrowing quotas of financial institutions within its jurisdiction within the scope as authorized by the PBC.
民办非企业单位被撤销登记的,由登记管理机关收缴登记证书和印章。    A people-run non-enterprise unit whose registration has been revoked, its certificate of registration and seal(stamp) shall be taken over by the registration administration organ.
与投标人有利害关系的人不得进入相关项目的评标委员会;已经进入的应当更换。    A person having an interest with a bidder may not join the bid assessment committee of the related project and; if already joined, shall be replaced.
票据债务人可以对不履行约定义务的与自己有直接债权债务关系的持票人,进行抗辩。    A person liable for a negotiable instrument may set up defenses against the holder who has a direct creditor - debtor relationship with him and does not perform the obligations agreed upon.
个人利用职权进行前款违法行为的,依照前款规定追究责任。    A person who commits any of the acts set forth in the preceding paragraph by taking advantage of his power shall be demanded for his responsibility in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
没有代理权而以代理人名义在票据上签章的,应当由签章人承担票据责任;代理人超越代理权限的,应当就其超越权限的部分承担票据责任。    A person who without authorization signs a negotiable instrument in the name of an agent shall be liable for the instrument. If an agent goes beyond the authorization, he shall be liable for the instrument to the extent where he exceeds the authorization.
政策性银行、企业集团财务公司、信托公司、金融资产管理公司、金融租赁公司、汽车金融公司、证券公司、保险公司、保险资产管理公司以法人为单位,通过全国银行间同业拆借中心的电子交易系统进行同业拆借交易。    A policy bank, corporate finance company, trust company, financial assets management company, financial leasing company, auto financing company, securities company, insurance company or insurance assets management company shall conduct the interbank borrowing in the name of a legal person through the Electronic Trading System of the National Interbank Funding Center.
私营企业可以使用投资人姓名作字号。    A private enterprise may use the name of its investor as its shop name.
招标代理机构应当具备下列条件:    A procuratorial agency shall satisfy the following conditions:
对生产性外商投资企业,经营期在十年以上的,从开始获利的年度起,第一年和第二年免征企业所得税,第三年至第五年减半征收企业所得税。?    A productive foreign-invested enterprise with the operation period of 10 years or longer shall, as of the year when it begins to make profits, be free from the enterprise income tax for the first two years and be subject to the half-reduced enterprise income tax from the third to the fifth year.
本法所称本票,是指银行本票。    A promissory note as used in this Law means a banker's note.
本票上未记载前款规定事项之一的,本票无效。    A promissory note is invalid if any of the particulars mentioned in the preceding paragraph is not specified thereon.
群众价格监督人员进行价格监督检查活动时,应当佩带标志,出示价格检查证。    A public price surveillance officer shall wear a badge and show a price surveillance certificate when carrying out price surveillance activities.
公开招标,是指招标人以招标公告的方式邀请不特定的法人或者其他组织投标。    A public tender means that a tenderer, in the form of tender announcement, invites unspecified legal persons or other unspecified organizations to submit their bids.
提交可疑交易报告的具体情形包括但不限于以下种类:    A report of suspicious transactions shall be submitted under, but not limited to, any of circumstances as follows:
创立大会对前款所列事项作出决议,必须经出席会议的认股人所持表决权的半数以上通过。    A resolution adopted at the establishment meeting on any of the matters mentioned in the previous Paragraph requires affirmative votes by subscribers representing at least half of the votes attending the meeting.
股东大会作出决议,必须经出席会议的股东所持表决权的半数以上通过。股东大会对公司合并、分立或者解散公司作出决议,必须经出席会议的股东所持表决权的三分之二以上通过。    A resolution adopted by the shareholders' general committee requires affirmative votes by a majority of the votes held by shareholders attending the meeting. The shareholders' general committee's adoption of a resolution for merger, division or dissolution of the company requires affirmative votes by at least two-thirds of the votes held by shareholders attending the meeting.
董事会或者联合管理委员会也可以用通讯的方式作出决议。    A resolution of the board of directors of joint management committee may also be made in the form of correspondence.
董事会会议或者联合管理委员会会议作出决议,须经全体董事或者委员的过半数通过。    A resolution of the meeting shall be passed by at least half or the total members of the board or committee.
股票应当载明下列主要事项:    A share certificate shall set forth the following major items:
股东不按照前款规定缴纳所认缴的出资,应当向已足额缴纳出资的股东承担违约责任。    A shareholder who fails to invest the capital contribution which he has subscribed for in accordance with the previous Paragraph is liable for breach of contract to those shareholders who have invested in full the capital contribution they have subscribed for.
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