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发证机构发放出口许可证前在此栏加盖《中华人民共和国出口许可证专用章》。    A releasing authority shall affix a Special Seal for Export License of the People's Republic of China in this column before the release of an export license.
国务院证券监督管理机构和地方人民政府应当建立证券公司的有关情况通报机制。    A reporting mechanism about securities firms relating status between securities regulatory agency under the State Council and local people's government should be established.?
本条第一款所称证券公司分支机构,是指从事业务经营活动的分公司、证券营业部等证券公司下属的非法人单位。    A securities firm mentioned in item 1 of this article refers to an unincorporated entity with business operation under the securities firm such as branch company and securities business outlet.
被停业整顿、托管、接管的证券公司,具备前款规定条件的,也可以向国务院证券监督管理机构申请进行行政重组。    A securities firm, which is order to close business for internal rectification, held custody or taken over, if meets the foregoing conditions, can also apply to securities regulatory authority under the State Council for administrative restructuring.
扣缴义务人应当向其机构所在地或者居住地的主管税务机关申报缴纳其扣缴的税款。    A withholding agent shall report and pay the tax it/he withheld to the local competent tax authorities of the place where its/his organization is located or domiciled.
1.粮食、食用植物油;    a. Grains, edible vegetable oils;
按照新的金融企业呆坏账核销管理办法,对小企业贷款损失依法及时核销。    According to the new management method of canceling bad debts after verification for financing enterprises, cancel the loan losses of small-sized enterprises in time in accordance with the law.
根据自身信贷管理和风险防范的特点和需要,采用先进的技术和准确的方法对小企业贷款进行风险分类,在科学测算的基础上合理制定小企业不良贷款控制指标和不良贷款比例,对小企业不良贷款实行单独考核。    According to their own characteristics and needs in credit management and risk prevention, loans of small-sized enterprises are classified by advanced technology and accurate method. Establish the control indicators and ratios of bad loans reasonably on the basis of the scientific calculations, separately assessing the bad loans of small-sized enterprises.
实际出运数量    Actual Export Quantity
实际出运数量    Actual Export Quantity
前款所称行政清理费用,是指行政清理组管理、转让证券公司财产所需的费用,行政清理组履行职务和聘用专业机构的费用等。    Administrative liquidation cost mentioned in the previous term refers to management and transferring cost of property of the securities firm by administrative liquidation, and lost of administrative liquidation team in performing roles and responsibilities as well as employing professional institute, etc.
行政重组期限一般不超过12个月。满12个月,行政重组未完成的,证券公司可以向国务院证券监督管理机构申请延长行政重组期限,但延长行政重组期限最长不得超过6个月。    Administrative restructuring period normally not exceeds 12 months. At the end of 12th month, if administrative restructuring is not complete a securities firm can apply to the securities regulatory authority of the State Council for extending administrative restructuring period, which however, should not be longer than 6 months.
主管税务机关应当按照便于纳税人及社会各界了解、监督的原则确定公示地点、方式。    Administrative taxation organ should confirm the place and approach of publicity under the principle of easy to be known and supervised by tax payers and all walks of life.
证券公司在取得公司登记机关颁发或者换发的证券公司或者境内分支机构的营业执照后,应当向国务院证券监督管理机构申请颁发或者换发经营证券业务许可证。    After a securities firm acquiring business license for the securities or domestic branch issued or changed by the corporate registration agency, it should apply to the securities regulatory agency under the State Council for issuing or changing license for securities business.
重大资产重组的首次董事会决议经表决通过后,上市公司应当在决议当日或者次一工作日的非交易时间向证券交易所申请公告。    After the first decision of the board of directors regarding material assets reorganization is made by voting, the listed company shall in the non-trading hours on the same day of the decision or the next workday apply to the stock exchange for public announcement.
上市公司完成前款规定的公告、报告后,可以到证券交易所、证券登记结算公司为认购股份的特定对象申请办理证券登记手续。    After the listed company finishes the aforesaid public announcement and report, it can complete the securities registration formalities at the stock exchange and the securities registration and clearing company for the specified parties that have purchased the shares.
重大资产重组的首次董事会决议公告后,上市公司董事会和交易对方非因充分正当事由,撤销、中止重组方案或者对重组方案作出实质性变更(包括但不限于变更主要交易对象、变更主要标的资产等)的,中国证监会将依据有关规定对上市公司、交易对方、证券服务机构等单位和相关人员采取监管措施,并依法追究法律责任。    After the public announcement of the first decision of the board of directors regarding Material Assets reorganization, if the board of directors of the listed company and the dealing party cancel or discontinue the reorganization scheme or make substantive changes (including but not limited to changing the key dealing party or changing the key target assets) to the reorganization scheme without a legitimate reason, China Securities Regulatory Commission will take regulatory measures against the listed company, the dealing party, securities service organs and relevant personnel in accordance with relevant provisions, and will investigate and affix legal responsibilities.
向特定对象购买的相关资产过户至上市公司后,上市公司聘请的独立财务顾问和律师事务所应当对资产过户事宜和相关后续事项的合规性及风险进行核查,并发表明确意见。    After the related assets purchased from the specified parties have been transferred to the listed company, the independent financial consultants and law firms retained by the listed company shall verify the transfer of the ownership of the assets and the compliance and risks of related follow-up matters, and shall give explicit opinions.
国家外汇管理局各分局、管理部接到本通知后,立即转发辖内支局和保税监管区域管理机构以及银行、企业等,做好宣传及换证准备工作,及时为区内企业换发《保税监管区域外汇登记证》,并尽快完成相关操作培训。执行中如遇问题,请及时向国家外汇管理局综合司反馈。    All branches and offices of State Administration of Foreign Exchange, shall, after having received the Circular, transferred it to the branches within their respective jurisdiction, administration offices of bonded supervision area, banks and enterprises, promote the publicity and do well the certificate change preparatory work, change the Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate in the Bonded Supervision Area, complete the relevant operation training in time. Please reflect to the Comprehensive Bureau of State Administration of Foreign Exchange the problems in time in the process of implementation.
证券公司应当对分支机构实行集中统一管理,不得与他人合资、合作经营管理分支机构,也不得将分支机构承包、租赁或者委托给他人经营管理。    All branches should be centralized and administrated by the securities firm and their administration shall not adopt joint venture or cooperation with another party, or contracting, leasing or entrusting to others.
各主管税务机关应做好合同执行跟踪管理工作,及时开具完税证明。    All competent taxation organs should do well in tracking and managing the performance of such contracts and should issue tax payment certificates in time.
各类外商投资项目,包括中外合资、中外合作、外商独资项目、外商购并境内企业项目、外商投资企业(含通过境外上市而转制的外商投资企业)增资项目和再投资项目等,均要实行核准制。    All kinds of foreign investment projects shall be subjected to the approval system, including Sino-foreign equity JV, Sino-foreign cooperative JV, wholly foreign-funded projects, the acquirement of Chinese enterprises by foreign enterprises, the capital increase and reinvestment projects of foreign-invested enterprises (including foreign-invested enterprises having their systems transformed by listing abroad).
各类投资主体也要严格执行国家相关法律法规的规定,认真履行项目核准程序,自觉接受监督和管理。    All kinds of investment subjects shall strictly follow provisions of state relevant laws and regulations, seriously go through project approval procedures and initiatively accept supervision and administration.
证券公司的全体工作人员都应当熟知与其执业行为有关的法律、法规和准则,主动识别、控制其执业行为的合规风险,并对其执业行为的合规性承担责任。    All staff in the securities company shall get familiar with law, regulation and rule related to specific occupational behavior, take initiative to identify, control compliance risk of the occupational behavior, and hold responsible for compliance of their occupational behavior.
各单位、各银行业金融机构要改变工作方法简单、作风浮躁的问题。    All the departments and banking financial institutions should change the simple and blundering working method.
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